A coffee Plant that grows and contains coffee pods to be used in cooking was added to the Horn of Plenty in Publish 88. The plant,when locked down, grows in stages, Stage one is as it is received from the horn of plenty Coffee-stage1.png The plant grows one stage per day Coffee-stage2.png

At Stage 3 the plant reaches full height Coffee-stage3.png At Stage 4 it begins to produce coffee pods Coffee-stage4.png

Coffee-pods.png There are two graphic styles of pod, stackable with like pods. One pod per day can be collected,they do not accumulate on the plant. When used in conjunction with a grinder Grinder.png the coffee pods produce coffee grounds Coffee-grounds.png.

When the cook is close to a 'steam powered beverage machine' Steam beverage.png this will produce a mug of coffee.

Both the grinder and the beverage machine were Holiday gifts for December 2014.