Colour Finder Macro


This macro was written by uoflurry. It pulls a colour value for all the items in game, using the data in the CLILOC as it's hexadecimal value.


1.) Open your Enhanced Client

2.) Open the Macros Gump, Start a new Macro, and under "Other" is a "Commands" Icon. Drag 4 to the Macro bar, and copy and paste these text lines into each box in turn, and then click "Okay":

Command 1 text:

script WREH=WindowRegisterEventHandler; WUEH=WindowUnregisterEventHandler; RWD=RegisterWindowData; UWD=UnregisterWindowData

Command 2 text:

script function CBRI1(objId) PrintWStringToChatWindow( wstring.format(L"%04x", WindowData.ObjectInfo[objId].hueId),1); end

Command 3 text:

script function CBRI2() oId=SystemData.RequestInfo.ObjectId; RWD(15,oId); CBRI1(oId); UWD(15,oId); WUEH("Root",65580); end

Command 4 text:

script WUEH("Root",65580); WREH("Root",65580,"CBRI2"); RequestTargetInfo()

3.) Give the Macro a Name and Icon, and click "Okay"

4.) Log out then in, just to ensure it gets saved to your Character File; the Enhanced Client doesn't back up it's changes until an exit, so a crash will delete all the above.


In game you should now have the macro available from your lists to drag to a toolbar and set a hot key. When run, you'll get a cursor appear, target the object and the colour value will be posted to System Chat.