UO has a rich history of fan made comics.


One of the longest running and well known comics, ImaNewbie followed a naive player who fit the definition of Newbie. The main comic ran for 147 episodes and had an official ending in June 2002. There were a couple spin-off comics including The Britannian Enquirer, a spoof on The National Enquierer (a tabloid magazine).

Sosarian Tales

A comic featuring original artwork and characters in the UO universe. It has reached a total of 33 episodes. While the author has not ended the series, it is rarely updated.


BON3DOOD and pLaTeDeWd

A short 16 episode comic which followed two stereo-typical PKs and their antics.


A 5 episode comic following the player Spoobubba taking a quest from Lord British.

Rogue Jones

A 75 episode comic following the real adventures of Jones the thief. He would captured many screenshots of his activities and cut them down into a comic like format.

Belan the looter

A 67 episode comic featuring the looter Belan in her Napa Valley adventures. She is of the same genre of Rogue Jones.

The Shadow Syndicate

A 29 episode comic following ninjas. Unfortunatly the site was hosted on Geocities and it is unknown where a backup can be found.

The Joy of Villany

A collection of comics and stories.

War of the Sexes

The Lair of Naxus

The Dandy Fool