Commodity Deed Box

Veteran reward commodity box.gif

A 1st year veteran reward, the Commodity Deed Box allows players to both fill and redeem Commodity Deeds in their homes using the box when secured. It may also be used as a standard container to store items.

Although a veteran reward, it is one of the few not Blessed, being a container. Additionally, unlike most containers in player homes, it cannot be destroyed with an axe.


  • Can only be placed in a house by a character from the house owner's account.
  • The box must be secured to work.
  • Uses the standard commodity deeds purchased from a banker.
  • Commodity Deeds can be both filled and redeemed in the box.
  • Can be dyed using a Furniture Dye Tub.
  • Can be engraved with a Wooden Container Engraving Tool.

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