Compassion Dye

Compassion Dyes were given to players in appreciation for the many, many downtimes, technical issues and other inconveniences during the nearly month-long upgrade of the UO Account Center. The often disruptive upgrade process began in early August 2011 and over a period of weeks players were, at times, unable to login, update their customer data, redeem tokens or a bevy of other account-related issues. The dyes were given out as a show of appreciation for the patience the UO playerbase had to endure.

"In earnest appreciation for your continuous support through the last few weeks we would like to offer a gift of compassion to all our players."

The dyes were first announced on September 2, 2011 with a promise of debuting by the following week.

The dyes were announced for delivery on September 8, 2011 with an accompanying Client Patch update and were scheduled for release the following day.


Very similar to Tokuno Dyes, the Compassion Dyes are given to players at one per account, per shard. Trial players or paid accounts less than 30 days old are ineligible to receive them. A random-colored(list of colors below) dye drops into the characters pack at login, has a single-use(1 charge) and is Blessed.

The dyes come in one of four colors/varieties:

The dyes may be used to dye, or change the color of, most any "artifacts and special material items" imaginable.

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