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Come here, dragon, dragon, dragon. Come here, pretty dragon!

Enticing a wild beast or NPC requires a bit more than a wink, a smile and a handsome set of plate mail. It requires skill, talent and a musical instrument. (Though we hear the wink and smile are always bonuses.)

During Publish 16 the Enticement skill was replaced with Discordance. Any character trained in Enticement had those points converted to the new Discordance skill. It was replaced because the skill had no real use in the game and the developers wanted to give bards a new ability to counter the "nerfing" of the class.


To entice a creature or NPC to peacefully approach you:

  • Click the blue gem next to the skill on your skill list.
  • Click on a musical instrument.
  • Click on the creature you wish to entice.

If successful, you compel the creature to approach peacefully. Note that this skill requires both Enticement skill and Musicianship for success. No matter how beguiling you are, if you've the musical talent of an ogre, this skill rarely works.

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