FAQ Friday 5 - November 5, 2010

James Nichols, 5 November 2010 17:14:55 EST


Welcome to FAQ Friday - Where we've collected together answers to Frequently (and sometimes not so frequently) Asked Questions within the community.

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Please keep in mind that these won’t always address major topics of conversation, this is simply another way of sharing info about the game that won’t necessarily make it into a Producer’s Update or patch note.

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Mag Faction Town Post - From Arabella

Q - When you move the COM base out of mag, will the town post remain, or will there be another town named for factions

Mesanna: It will probably remain in Magencia since the base will be moving in the next publish. If something different is done we will be sure to let you guys know.

di from stone form question - From Kim Li of LS

Q - Does the di from stone form count as item di-like on weps/ring- or 'other' di like divine fury?

Mesanna: Stone Form does nout count as an item DI

Gargoyle Specific weapon mods - From Mentiras

Q - I was just wondering if Hit mana drain, and Hit fatigue, and splintering weapon are working correctly at the moment, because they dont seem to be when ive tested my weapons.

Mesanna : No this is being reviewed for a possible fix in the next publish

Fish Monger Reputation - From soulstoner

Q - How does the reputation work with the Fish Monger quests? Will there be a way to view one's reputation? How much is lost by dropping a quest?


  • You gain reputation by completing orders. The more orders you complete, the better chance that when a fishmonger has a big order, they will give the business to you. The maximum possible quantity requested for any line item is 20. The maximum number of line items is 6. This means, that the largest possible order can contain 120 fish. The rewards change with the size of the order. Some rewards are exclusive to certain order size brackets.
  • As in life, your reputation with the fishmongers is not quantifiable in a single number like a stat. If you want to see how good your reputation is, see how many big orders you have in your hold.
  • If you drop a fishmonger quest, you drop a reputation level on each of the fish in the order. If you have a quest for 10 haddock and you drop the quest, the next time a fish monger asks you for haddock you will be asked for 5. It can never go lower than 5. The quantity levels are 5, 10, 15, 20 but you start at 10. There is no other penalty, so don’t worry if you have to dump your orders to dry dock you ship. However, know that being fickle will hurt your reputation in UO as it does in life.

High Seas Fishing Related Questions - From Tancred Redstar

Q - How do players get/find 120 Fishing powerscrolls?

  • Messana: This is currently being reviewed.

What are the odds of an MiB yielding an ancient SoS?

  • Messana: 4% chance

Colored Tribal Masks - hidden property - From TullyMars

Q - Occasionally I throw on what can only be described as novelty items on my imbuing vendor. Today I grabbed a couple colored tribal masks. I figured I'd imbue the four resists on it to 80% of their armor ability and then add lrc 18% and sell them as a cheap novelty.

So I imbued

physical to 16 OK

cold to 19 OK

poison to 23 OK

energy to 18 OK

then when I went to imbue LRC it said no more item properties can be added.


Went into the imbuing menu and sure enough it is at 5 properties. I redid my math...yep only added 4. I pulled up an un-imbued one and checked it and sure enough if put on one property I would already be at a 2 count on the properties.

What is this hidden property? Is this a bug? Anyone else find this before?

Phoenix: I was unable to reproduce this, did a few to try to verify it and each one had 5 properties on them.

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