Five on Friday - April 4, 2008

I have recently been using a weapon that has all three leeches. I have noticed that only one of these leeches can work for each hit. Is this truly how it is working, or am I just imagining things? And if it does work this way, is this intended?

Leurocian checked the code, then hopped on a test server to check, and it appears that all three leeches will work at once. However, Stamina is calculated differently than the other two, and will give bigger returns, so if you're not looking carefully it may well appear that the other ones aren't working.


For us learning impaired, what causes a resource field to change? Say, ore zones. Does the zone need to be worked, or is there a chance it will change when it is "refreshed" without it even being touched?

There are two ways for ore (or wood) zones to refresh: when the zone is mined (not necessarily mined out, just mined,) it has a chance to reroll its resource type. At this point, it sets a timer. After that timer is up, the next time it is mined, it has a chance to reroll again. (The timer prevents it from cycling too fast.) The second way is a general chance that affects the entire subserver, and that is unpredictable - so even if a vein is never mined, it may still switch ore types from time to time.


Can we ever get the RoT system adjusted/removed/looked at on Siege?

(For non-Siege players, the RoT - Rate over Time - system is a method of limiting how fast players can gain skill on Siege-ruleset shards.)

This is something that has long been requested, and is definitely something we'd like to look at. I checked with the various Lords and Ladies of the Schedule, and it looks like we're not going to have time to get any changes in for the next publish, but I will continue to to bring it up for a publish after that. In the meantime, if you have specific opinions about the RoT system, send me feedback!


Why am I getting an error message when I try to cast Spirit Speak?

We believe we've fixed one possible cause of this, but if you're finding yourself unable to cast Spirit Speak, please page a GM and they can fix you - and also figure out what we've missed!


What's To Come:

If you haven't been by Moonglow lately, check it out! Meanwhile, the wheels are turning on the next publish, and we'll be talking in more detail about that over the next few weeks as the changes and fixes roll in.


Fansite News

Haven's Helpers on Europa has a handy site of for folks new to UO - if you're new, or have a friend or guildmate who is, check this out!

Sonomans, check out PRE's Tour of Dungeons!

"Join us each Sunday night in April as we continue 'Tour of Dungeons' with excursions to the Lost Lands for a bit of fun and mayhem.
All tours start at 5:30pm Pacific, 6:30pm Mountain, 7:30pm Central, 8:30pm Eastern.
Gates will be offered from Luna bank starting at 5:15pm Pacific to the dungeon meetup site. Please come prepared with bandages, regs or LRC suits, pet/people food, patience and plan for a good ol' fun time.
April's 'Tour of Dungeons' Schedule:
Day -- Date -- Time -- TRAMMEL Dungeon
Sunday ------ 4/6/08 -- 5:30 PST -- Brit Sewers
Sunday ------ 4/13/08 -- 5:30 PST -- Fire
Sunday ------ 4/20/08 -- 5:30 PST -- Hot (Trinsic)
Sunday ------ 4/27/08 -- 5:30 PST -- Ice
**We will venture to the Terathan Keep in May.
Remember, it's not about the loot or the monsters... it's about the fun of clearing out a dungeon as a group. There are more dungeon tours planned where will go to other 'sets' of dungeons. If you are interested in attending to help rez, heal, guide assist, or have questions/suggestions feel free to contact Queen Mum by ICQ 168-812-018 or email - queenmum AT uoforums DOT com."

And don't forget the Chicken Fight Club on Great Lakes!

"Come One...Come All! Every Saturday night at 8est. Chickens, Cu’s, Squirrels, Mares and many more come to face off. We have no entrance fee and give 100k to 1st place. Anyone can enter and see if their pet IS the best!
Gates start at 7:50 at Brit bank. Dont forget about the battle royale at the end of the night... one for Cu Sidhes and one for all others."

Remember, if you want your event or news item included in the FoF, send it to jdalberg AT ea DOT com. Also, if your event is ongoing (like Chicken Fight Club, above) and you'd like me to run it two weeks in a row, just say so. After that, there will be a two-week cooldown, and then you can resubmit the event for another two weeks. This policy is subject to change if this section starts getting overrun, but for the moment, that's how it will work!


Several of you have noticed that the last couple of weeks haven't had five traditional questions. This is because my stock of gameplay questions has gotten awfully thin - please replenish it! If it continues to be tricky to find questions we can answer, I will continue to try to find other content and features to fill out the FoF so you feel like you're getting your click's worth - requests and suggestions are always welcome!

- Jeremy

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