Five on Friday - August 11, 2006

1. Are the Red Soulstones available as 1st year vet rewards going to be given in token form, or will they be bound to the account that claims them?
Wilki: They will be bound to the account that claimed them.

2. Will more vet reward choices be added to the list over time?
Ando: For the time being we're polishing the vet rewards we've already announced. We will consider the possibility of adding more rewards at a later time.

3. What happened to the Terathans?
Draconi: The Ophidians have been so aggressive that no one has had a chance to investigate exactly what happened to the Terathans. Something shifted in the balance of power between the two races. If only someone could get down far enough in the Terathan Keep to get more information.

4. Can you give use some insight on how you’ve developed the Ophidian Invasion? What were your overall goals, and do you think you achieved this?
Draconi: The Ophidian invasion is a bit of a labor of love between a lot of people on the team. We’ve all had our hands in different parts of it, so I’ll try to just give a quick rundown on how it was developed.

The overarching goal for the invasion has been both to entertain and to set the stage for things yet to come. Inu still lies captured, cut off for weeks upon weeks from the world. The visions she sees and the portents foretold are coming to a head, and soon everything must be revealed. It’s only appropriate that in this time of turmoil that the world itself should begin to be plunged into chaos. We felt that the players have been given a chance to stand united against a common foe; some learning how to work with one another for the first time, and others being able to bring their experience to the fore.

So the invasion began in what seems to be a normal course of events. The Ophidians are wronged, and therefore struck back. Yet then the villagers of Papua are decimated, and thus retaliate aided by volunteers from across the facets. We’ve seen the invasion progress from a simple set of random Ophidian scouts, to avengers setting upon thieves, to attacks on cities, and now what seems to be... something more. We’ve worked with the GMs to deliver many portions, created new systems entirely, and even leveraged the abilities of the advanced spawner from the Despise invasion - it’s definitely been a fantastic process.

It’s certainly our hope that we’ve succeeded in our foremost goal: having people enjoy the invasion and feel like they got something from it (mmm, army rations...). Beyond that, yes, be prepared, I don’t think we’re quite done yet.

5. I’ve really enjoyed collecting the new loot that drops from Ophidians. Could we see more fun loot like this in the future?
Ixthiassth the Ophidian: Yesshhh, oh, and ssshouldesth I peristh... pleassh gifth myy shjournal to myy family.

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