Five on Friday - June 1, 2007

"How do I make macros in KR?"
This is one of the top how-to questions - I made a little guide, complete with pictures, to help everyone out!

1. Click on "Main Menu" and select "Macros/Actions"

Step 1

2. Click on "Create"

Step 2

3. Drag an action, skill, or usable item into the right-hand box. In the example below, I dragged the "Equip Items" macro from the list at right. Dragging that in brought up a secondary box to put the item to be equipped in - I selected my hat.

Step 3

4. To insert a delay, scroll down the macro actions list to "Delay" and drag it to the new right-hand box. It will bring up a secondary window in which you can select the delay in seconds. (NOTE: As of the current build on live servers, there are issues with scrollbars. You can work around them by positioning the mouse over the box and using the mouse scroll wheel.)

Step 4

5. When you are finished adding actions, items, skills, and commands, name the macro and, if you want, choose an icon from the left-hand box to represent it. Then click "OK"

Step 5

6. Now you have two choices: Either right click on your new macro and choose "assign hotkey", then type the key you wish to bind it to, OR drag the macro to one of your hotbars where you can treat it like any other hotbar item - set keybindings, targets, etc.

Step 6

7. Enjoy your new macro!

Step 7


"Will I give up my regular house for this account if I place a house in KR Beta?"
Which client you use does not affect the usual housing rules - so if you want to test out house placement and decoration, do it on a test server! If you place a second house on a regular shard, it WILL condemn your first house - it doesn't matter whether you did it with KR or with 2D.


"Why can't I sit down in KR?"
Because the sitting animation isn't in yet - it still has a few minor kinks that we're working out. You should be seeing it in an upcoming patch.


"Can existing characters change their faces in KR?"
Not at this time. It is obviously something that we'd love to do, and we're looking at the various ways we can offer that as an option, but there is no mechanism in beta to change your face after character creation.


Damage Increase and You
"For PVP and PVM: If I have gm tactics, gm anatomy, and 125 str how much DI percentage do I have w/o items?"

Stratics has the correct results for these calculations.

+68.75% for GM Tactics
+55% for GM Anatomy
+42.5% for 125 Strength

"People are saying there is a 300% DI cap for PVM, is this true? "

Yes, this is true, Damage Increase is capped at 300% (or a 300 internal damage rating). However, anatomy, tactics, strength, and lumberjacking are NOT included in that cap.

"If I have 300% DI and I cast Enemy of One will I even do more damage?"

If you already 300% Damage Increase from special moves and profession abilities, then the answer is no, Enemy of One will not increase your damage further.

Note: that a slayer weapon is double damage (a 200 damage rating). Enemy of One has a rating of 100. The combination of those two alone would reach our cap of 300.

"Are slayer weapons included in the PVM cap for DI?"



Candle of Love Progress!
All non-Japanese servers have successfully lit the flame on at least one facet EXCEPT for the following:

Lake Austin

So far, NO shard has lit the Candle on Felucca, so if you haven't gotten your quest done, it is still possible! When all shards have lit the Candle of Love on at least one facet, the event will be turned off via a publish.


Siege Blessing Fix Status:
On Monday, we will be placing the NPCs that will allow you to turn certain improperly blessed items in - keep an eye on the Herald for details. We will NOT be unblessing anything at that time - we'll give you as much warning as we can before we do that.


The open beta is off and running, and we're fixing bugs and tracking feedback like, well, overcaffeinated game developers. Keep it coming!

- Jeremy

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