Five on Friday - June 16, 2006

1. Tell us about the new vet rewards!!!
Wilki: We're planning to add one new reward for 1st year vets, as well as a reward each for 6th through 9th year vets. For one of the later year rewards, we're adding a weapon engraving tool, so you can personalize your favorite weapons. More details on the other rewards will be coming soon.

2. Why can't I buy UO game time cards at retail stores?
Darkscribe: Unfortunately retail space is extremely limited and it's difficult to keep Game Time cards on store shelves. The vast majority of UO players use credit cards, so there isn't enough demand at the retail level to justify box distribution. We do sell Game Time codes at, and you can pay by cash if you wish. We are also working on other payment methods that might be more convenient for you.

3. Can we expect to see any changes made to the artwork for the Cloak of Humility?
Wilki: Our art team has been working to improve the Cloak of Humility. Those changes should go in with Publish 41.

4. Why is it that casting curse on a pet flags you grey, yet discordance, which is ten times worse than curse against pets, doesnt?
MrTact: It should. We will get that written up and fixed.

5. Is there any chance that the individual rewards from the community collections will be made easier to get?
Wilki: Yes! The amount of effort required to obtain these through legitimate means is too great. Once we solve the scripting issue, we'll then take a look at adjusting these downwards into the reasonable range.

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