Five on Friday - June 9, 2006

1. My eyes! Are you looking into this sudden influx of garishly colored clothing?
Darkscribe: Ah yes, the dreaded duping bug that creates eye searing hues on some items. We will be fixing that as soon as we're able.

2. It's really hard to sneak around these days. Do you have any plans to take a look at stealth vs. passive detect?
Wilki: Definitely. The stealth/hiding/detection system needs to be readjusted so that it's possible to sneak around other players and monsters without such a high chance of detection. We'll also look at detect hidden, and the reveal spell as well. We've seen some good ideas from the community, so please feel free to comment more on the forums.

3. Occasionally I have noticed that my client has been crashing since Pub40 was released. Is this something that will have to wait until Pub41 to get fixed?
Ando: The QA team has reproduced two separate crashes. The first one involves the targeting system and the Dev team is currently working on a fix for this. The second appears to involve Elven containers, and the QA team is in the process of providing the Dev team with all the information they need to locate the root cause of this issue. The Dev team would like to release a fix for these issues as early as next week if possible.

4. What will Pub41 consist of and when can we expect to see a Pub41 Test Center?
Ando: Since Pub41 will be a fairly small publish, we should be able to get a Test Center up sometime next week. At that time we will be providing details of what the publish will consist of.

5. Are there any possible plans for the 9th anniversary?
Darkscribe: Yes! There will be a new boxed product that we will be announcing shortly that will go on sale in September, just in time for the anniversary. There are a couple remaining details to work out before we can give all the details. This new product will contain not one, but two new housing tile sets, both of which are quite different from anything currently in the game. And no, this anniversary box isn’t the secret that will be revealed when you solve the puzzles surrounding Inu. The spring flowers are still very much in bloom.

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