Five on Friday - March 9, 2007

"Can we fix the Elven Circlet thing with KR? Can Elves have helmets?"
I got Darkscribe to pin this one down for me:

"It shall be done. Elves will have helmets in KR. JP "Grimm" Harrod swears it with a Blood Oath."


"Will we be able to see player gargoyles if we are using the 2d client?"
Yes. The current plan is that you will be able to see and interact with player gargoyles when they are in the existing lands, even if you don't have SA or KR. You will need to have both KR and SA to visit the new areas or play as a gargoyle, however, and there may be other features that are restricted - we'll have more details when the time comes.


"Post the formula for determining swing speed...."
Leurocian dug this up and translated it for us non-coders:

  1. Figure out Weapon Base speed in ticks. Take whatever speed in seconds your weapon says on the tooltip and multiply that number by 4. If you are barehanded, you swing at the fastest weapon rate (10 ticks = 2.5 seconds). Example: The Halberd (4.25 second base speed) has a base speed of 17 ticks.
  2. Figure out Stamina Ticks (Current Stamina / 30). Example: Current Stamina = 50. So Stamina Ticks rounded down = 1.
  3. Figure out Swing Speed Increase modifier from equipment. Example: 20.

Here is the formula:
a. Hit Start = ((Base Weapon Speed - Stamina Ticks) * (100.0 / (100 + Swing Speed Increase)))
ex. Hit Start = ((17 - 1) * (100.0 / (100 + 20)))
c. Make sure minimum swing time is never less than 5 ticks (1.25 seconds).
ex. The calculated Halberd Hit Start speed = 13 ticks (3.25 seconds)


"When is the Book of Truth event going to end?"
While the librarians at the Lycaeum are still hard at work sorting and testing the books turned in so far, the Council of Mages has indicated that the magical signatures of the false Books of Truth seem to be fading. This would suggest that nearly all of them have been found.

(In plain language, this is the last weekend the Books of Truth will be dropping, so finish up collecting what you can find! Remember, there will be recognition to the finder of the real Book of Truth on each shard, so it's in your interests to turn in as many as possible.)


"What's coming next in this really, really long storyline?"
Inu the Crone has her usual cryptic hints... she's free again, so go ask her!

Our enemies have only begun to show themselves, and the true test lies ahead.


Remember, everyone - if you're in Maryland, DC, or northern Virginia, make sure you've RSVP'd for the Maryland Town Hall. Hang out with your fellow players, see the latest KR build, and maybe get a beta slot!


It's been a long week - we've been preparing for the next Live Event, working hard on Kingdom Reborn, and making plans for the next couple of months - which should be very exciting as we ramp up the KR beta. The first small batch of players is in and poking around, and while KR is still pretty rough, I know I'm happy to see the reaction so far.

Oh, and the "fever" in the title? Is mine. I'm going to bed now. Have a good weekend!

- Jeremy

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