Five on Friday - May 4, 2007

"Why is Resisting Spells so hard to raise?"
Leurocian says:

"What the problem is currently is that spells like clumsy, weaken, curse, mind rot, etc (debuff spells) have a flat difficulty of 90.0. Past devs did this so a player character gain up to 120 Resisting Spells by getting hit by these types of spells. Well, the problem with that is 90.0 is too high for newbie characters. I made a change that should allow smooth gaining on the low end as well as the high end. This fix is queued and is currently being tested by QA."


"When are you going to deal with blessed combat items on Siege and Mugen?"
Wilki posted all this on Stratics, but I'd hate for any of the Siege-ruleset community to miss it:

"As I mentioned in my earlier thread, along with our Arms Lore bump (click here for details) we want to solve the blessed item issue on Siege. What we’re planning to do is:

  1. Unbless the blessed 7AE Royal Leggings of Embers and Ancient Samurai Helms.
  2. Give you a way to exchange these items (only the ones that are currently blessed!) for a 9th Anniversary Token that you can then use to choose another gift.

We’ll also take a look at the other blessed items such as clothing that has extra combat properties that have Clothing Bless Deeds on them, quivers that remain blessed after the last attempt to fix them, and any event items that have combat properties that are also blessed. (If there is anything else I'm forgetting, please remind me!)

This won’t make next week’s publish, but it should be in one shortly after."


"The Arms Lore change doesn't fix (x, y, or z) things with crafting!"
The change to Arms Lore was not intended as a blanket fix to crafting - it was intended as a fix to Arms Lore. This change makes it a meaningful skill again, and provides a bit of a boost to crafted items. There are quite a few other balance and effectiveness issues with crafting, but fixing those is definitely outside the scope of this one particular skill change.


"Are you EVER going to fix Khaldun puzzle boxes?"
Not in next week's patch...

...but Leurocian's fix should go in a patch shortly after that one. :)


"New Haven seems kinda buggy and unfinished. Is it going to be improved?"
Yes! We have quite a few substantial improvements slated for a publish next week. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Adding quests for Blacksmithy, Ninjitsu, Archery, and Fencing
  • Adjusting undead spawn and added mongbats, brigands, animals, etc
  • Bringing back Escort quests
  • Fixing broken Haven treasure maps
  • Adjusting blessed New Haven rewards to be more appropriate for new players

Plus lots of other bug fixes, map fixes, and other goodness!


Chicago Town Hall
No rest for the wicked - the Chicago Town Hall Meeting approaches. This one makes me more nervous than usual, because not only will I be getting up on stage in front of y'all, but my parents will be watching as well :) RSVP now to join that august company!


The first shudders of the changing world have been felt... the land is wracked and warped. What strange times lie ahead?

- Jeremy

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