Five on Friday - September 15, 2006

1. Do you ever plan to give everyone the +5 stat increase that currently is only available to players who were playing right after Age of Shadows?
Aaron "Darkscribe" Cohen, Producer: Yes.

2. Currently, some of the house tile sets have a few missing pieces. Will those get added to the game eventually?
Aaron "Darkscribe" Cohen, Producer: Yes.

3. Will the combat items that come with the 9th Anniversary Collection be blessed on Siege and Mugen?
John@EA "Wilki", Community Coordinator: No, in keeping with our recent policy of not automatically blessing combat items on these two shards, they will not be blessed. However, you can still use your Personal Bless deed to bless them if you wish.

4. Will pre-patch Talon Bite minor artifacts ever be adjusted so that they have the same damage as the newer version?
John@EA "Wilki", Community Coordinator: Yes, that is something we plan to address.

5. This blackrock seems incredibly dangerous! What’s the difference between "a piece of blackrock" and "a small piece of blackrock"?
Nicholas, Britain Mage’s Guild: Dangerous? Hardly! Blackrock seems to be completely magically inert - without any practical use at all!

Strangely enough though, our research does indicate that it has some unknown affect on dimensional structures, but we’ve been unable to fathom it.

As far as the difference between the two types of known samples (recently come to light), I can but say that the smaller pieces actually seem more unstable than the larger ones. We aren’t sure why this is so, but perhaps the larger ones will yield more consistent results in further experimentation.

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