Five on Friday - September 28, 2007

"How big of a luck bonus is the UO Logo statue supposed to give?"
It depends - if you're new to UO, welcome, you lucky devil. if you've been fortunate enough to play UO for ten full years, why, then you are very lucky indeed.


"What does the ankh necklace do? Is it just for show?"
As a number of alert players have pointed our, should you visit one of the Shrines of the Virtues and meditate (chant a mantra) there, you will receive a system message having to do with that virtue. But what does it mean?

The ankh will give a bonus to one or more of the 3 regeneration stats that will last for 1 hour. The bonus can only be activated once per day. Each of the shrines will give a unique bonus combination to regeneration stats based on the virtue for that particular shrine (this is based on the 3 principles).

Each principle is related to a regeneration stat as follows:

  • Truth - Mana Regeneration
  • Love - Hit Point Regeneration
  • Courage - Stamina Regeneration

Each virtue will give the following bonus to regeneration stats as follows:

  • Honesty +2 Mana Regen
  • Compassion +2 HP Regen
  • Valor +2 Stamina Regen
  • Justice +1 Mana Regen, +1 HP Regen (50% chance to get one regen bumped up to +2)
  • Sacrifice +1 HP Regen, +1 Stamina Regen (50% chance to get one regen bumped up to +2)
  • Honor +1 Mana Regen, +1 Stamina Regen (50% chance to get one regen bumped up to +2)
  • Spirituality +1 All Regens (25% chance (3 independent rolls) to get each regen bumped up to +2)
  • Humility +3 Random Regen


"How is the drop rate for these items determined?"
The event uses the Guaranteed Reward Point system, which was created for the Treasures of Tokuno event:

  • This system keeps track of the monsters you kill in the event area and gives you an increasing chance to get a special loot drop as you kill more monsters.
  • The loot will appear in your backpack.
  • Monsters that have higher fame increase your chances faster. (Keep in mind that monsters in Felucca give 30% extra fame.)
  • Higher luck will improve your chances for a loot drop.
  • The overall loot drop chance for this event will be lower than ToT, as we are planning for it to run for quite a while - very possibly permanently.
  • Your points DO NOT reset if you log out - no marathon hunting sessions required!

Keep in mind that at no time is a drop guaranteed, it simply becomes more and more likely - so some people will get lucky and get them quickly, and some people will be unlucky and take longer.


"Why did my Doom stealable decay when I locked it down?"
This one has been around a while now - first let me repost the Known Issue report:

The brazier from Doom, the tanned hide from Doom and the broken chair from Ilshenar will display the auto-lockdown message when you attempt to lock them down but do NOT actually lock down. Until further notice, if you have one of those that's not already locked down, please place it in a secure container or your bank box.

I don't have a definite ETA on a fix for this, but Wilki's come up with one and it's in QA's hands now. When they get done banging on it we'll get it out!


Kingdom Reborn Focus Group
As we've mentioned a couple of times recently, we have a small horde of developers working on KR at the moment. We'd love to get some folks together to talk about it and take a look at some of our early plans. Our beta testers were awesome, but the majority of them have wandered off since, well, we're not IN beta anymore, and so we need to swell their ranks.

I'll post specific details on how to apply and what exactly we're looking for on Monday - however, if you had a forum account for the KR beta, and would like to participate in this focus group, please log on to your account at over the weekend so that you don't show up as inactive. (You don't have to post or anything if you don't want to - just log in.)


Town Hall: Anaheim(ish)
Our last Town Hall of the year is at Dave and Buster's in Orange, California, on October 13th. If you're in the area, please RSVP and come see what we're up to!


Fansite News
Not precisely fansite news, but since we're feeling old-school this week, here's an interview with the creator of Ultima: The Ultimate Collector's Guide, a resource for all things Ultima.


If for some reason you didn't get or couldn't read the newsletter that went out earlier this week, it's been archived here. Have a good weekend, everyone, and happy hunting!

- Jeremy

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