Five on Friday - September 29, 2006

1. It’s great that the Treasures of Tokuno event is back. Do you have plans to do other events like this, but with new rewards?
Aaron "Darkscribe" Cohen, Producer:
Yes. There are a few variations that we are talking over and will experiment with. We’d like to make a system that isn’t just about combat, but also involves other disciplines like crafting, fishing, mining or others. That would bring players together with different interests and abilities and give them a reason to work together. We’re working on something along those lines and will roll it out when ready. I can’t give a timeline at the moment, but we like the idea a lot.

2. I love the 9th Anniversary stuff! Will we get to see any of this on the Test Shard?
Aaron "Darkscribe" Cohen, Producer:
Yes. It will all be testable on the test shard.

3. Will UO run on Windows Vista?
Aaron "Darkscribe" Cohen, Producer:
Yes. As a matter of fact Microsoft was here at Redwood City today and we got a look what Vista can do. Very interesting stuff they’ve got baked in there. We’re looking forward to taking a closer look at it soon.

4. What happened to the dyes from the Treasures of Tokuno? Ihara Soko isn’t offering any, and there’re new ones on the monsters!
Inocard the Mystic Llamaherder, Office Pest:
I asked the very same question! So I went all the way to Zento to ask, and here’s what I’ve learned.

  • The Imperial Minister of Trade, Ihara Soko, has no more dyes of extraordinary and vibrant colors to reward anyone with.
  • However, apparently a large set of special dyes washed ashore recently with the rest of the treasure. These have been underwater for a very long time, and so have limited charges and rather dull colors. You can see a set of the dye colors for yourself, here.

5. Are the Treasures of Tokuno appearing in dungeons? I thought I saw some earlier, but haven’t seen any for hours.
Ihara Soko, Imperial Trade Minister:
It would appear that the majority of the treasure that washed ashore was taken by monsters roaming the lands above the dungeons. A few might have managed to get a very small quantity into the dungeons, but surely our people have already decimated those foul creatures and recovered it all. We would recommend hunting down these beasts above ground.

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