Flaming Head Deed

Flaming head.gif

A 2nd year Veteran Reward, the Flaming Dead is a decoration for your home. Your account must be 24 months or older to place one. It will shoot flames when walked near. To place, double-click the flaming head deed and target a tile next to a wall. You must target near a wall or placement will be aborted. The flaming head will automatically choose the facing depending on wall. If you target a corner, you will be presented with another menu to choose the facing.


Flaming head deed.png
  • Can face East or South
  • Shoots flames anytime a player, NPC, or creature walks within 2 tiles
  • Takes up 1 tile
  • Double-click the flaming head to redeed
  • Bug: "We have identified an issue where if you customize a home with a Flaming skull Veteran Reward placed on the walls, and you make changes to the area where the reward is hanging, there is a chance that the flaming skull will be lost. We recommend re-deeding house add-ons manually before customizing the house."[1]

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