Footwear Slot

The Footwear Slot refers to one of the 19 Equipment Slots on the Paperdoll. The items that can occupy the Footwear Slot are considered as Clothing and as such can be Blessed with a Clothing Bless Deed - Though some such items do come with additional Item Properties.

Only one item of the below types may be worn in it at any given time:

Boots.png Boots Elven Boots.png Elven Boots Fur Boots.png Fur Boots
Ninja Tabi.png Ninja Tabi Sandals.png Sandals Shoes.png Shoes
Thigh Boots.png Thigh Boots Waraji And Tabi.png Waraji And Tabi Sollerets Of Sacrifice.png Sollerets of Sacrifice
Gargish leather talons.png Gargish Leather Talons