Forgotten Pyramid

Forgotten Pyramid
First Seen: AoS
Coordinates: 15 22'S, 35 17'E

X:1825, Y:1799

Facet: Malas
Forgotten pyramid map.jpg

South of Gravewater Lake, in the Desert of Malas is a great pyramid. In addition to the roaming undead, the unusual Sphynx is found inside. Speaking with the Sphynx can gain one a great reward, and sometimes greater peril.

To enter the pyramid climb the dune on the South face, and then up the the East face rubble. At the top is the opening. Inside are three levels. The exit is located on the bottom level on the North wall. Follow the footsteps to the stone, and double click the wall to reveal the secret door. This will lead you back outside and onto the sand.



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