Gargish Document - Challenge Rite

Gargish document - challenge rite.png
Gargish Document - Challenge Rite
Weight: 1 Stone

The Gargish Document - Challenge Rite is one of the quest items of the quest Journey to the Athenaeum Isle. It can be found on the corpse of Minions of Scelestus inside the Athenaeum Isle.


Challenge Rite by Unknown

In accordance with Gargish law, the rite of Challenge is open to all warrior males who wish to issue a challenge to the King. A male wishing to issue challenge must make their desire known to the King formally during the introduction ceremony at the Challenge ring. The King must accept all challenges. Once all Challenges are issued, the arbiter of the rite will announce the commencement of battle. Battle must adhere to the following rules of honor:

  1. Weapons are not allowed; all battle must be by hand, be it magical or physical.
  2. The first opponent knocked to the ground must admit defeat and withdraw from the Challenge.
  3. If the King falls before all challengers are defeated, the warrior that defeated him must defeat the other challengers in order to prove themselves the true successor.
  4. The warrior that defeats all challengers will be declared King.
  5. If all challengers are defeated by the current King, he has secured his rule until the next Challenge rite is allowable.

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