Gargish Document - In Memory

Gargish document - in memory.png
Gargish Document - In Memory
Weight: 1 Stone

The Gargish Document - In Memory is one of the quest items of the quest Journey to the Athenaeum Isle. It can be found on the corpse of Minions of Scelestus inside the Athenaeum Isle.


In Memory by Zhah

What once was a center of life, learning, and beauty now sits in ruins.

Let us never forget those who lost their lives to the Defiler's malevolent machinations.

All of our brothers and sisters, and our children that were never given their first breath, we will never forget you and your memory will live on in our hearts for eternity.

Their deaths will not be in vain; may their spirits guide us in our overcoming the Void once and for all.

- Queen Zhah

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