Grandfather Clock

A Grandfather Clock is one of the reward options from 13th Anniversary gift tickets (which were introduced with Publish 68.3) and 14th Anniversary gift tickets. The clock is Blessed and tells the Sosarian time of day when double-clicked. This time-telling feature can be on different access levels when locked down in a players home.

The clock comes in three versions to choose from, from left to right:

Grandfather clocks.JPG

The smaller brownish colored clock is named "Small Grandfather Clock".

Then a large brownish colored one named "Large Grandfather Clock".

And the white one is called "White Grandfather Clock".

The clocks have animations of their pendulum when locked down and chime on the Sosarian hour(every 5 real-world minutes). Extended chimes sound at noon and midnight.

Upon release, there is a bug where the clock chimes will be heard by some players, no matter where they are, if the clock is left in their bankbox or a container in their home.