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Criminals (or grays) are characters who have recently broken the law. They may be freely attacked in guard zones, and their corpses looted by all.

Becoming a criminal

Blue characters who break the law (regardless of whether they are in a guard zone at the time) change in status to gray. Such illegal activities include:

  • Stealing from a NPC or player (assuming you're caught!).
  • Healing or otherwise buffing a gray or red character.
  • Attacking and/or killing another blue character.
  • Looting a corpse you do not have the rights to.
  • Casting the Polymorph spell.

After a few of minutes (2 minutes minimum) without performing illegal actions you will return to the status of an Innocent.


As a criminal, you are penalized in similar ways as a Murderer.

  • Cannot call the guards to your defense.
  • Cannot recall, gate, or sacred journey.
  • Cannot give Murder Counts to those who attack you.
  • Anyone may legally loot your corpse.
  • There is no Karma or status penalty for harming/killing/robbing a criminal.

Many of these penalties are redundant unless your character is in Felucca, as you may only rob/harm other characters there.

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