Innocent (or blue) is the default status for any player controlled character in Ultima Online.

When guilded, blue is the only status color that will not over ride your green title. Should you lose your innocence, you will change to either grey or red status.


So long as you stay on the right side of the law, you will not be subject to the penalties of criminals and murderers.

  • If harmed in combat you did not initiate, your attacker is penalized with a grey status.
  • If killed in combat you did not initiate, you may penalize attacking characters with Murder Counts.
  • Those who loot your corpse illegally will be flagged as criminals.
  • Those who are noticed stealing from you will be flagged as criminals.
  • Can call the guards on those who harm you within guard zones.
  • May visit any facet freely.
  • Can be Resurrected at Shrines and by Wandering Healers.
  • May not be harmed/robbed by other characters outside of Felucca.

Note that other guild members may treat you as if you were grey and in Felucca (allowing them to harm/rob you any time, any place without penalty). The exception to this is corpse looting.

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