A Shrine is a sacred location in the world of Ultima. Shrines are typically devoted to one of the eight Virtues but others exist dedicated other ideals, such as the Chaos shrine dedicated to the out-Virtue of Chaos. A shrine is typically located in a remote location and appears as an Ankh with a plaque symbolizing the Virtue it is dedicated to.

Shrines will resurrect dead players or cure poison if they are not flagged criminal(grey) and use a contextual menu on the Ankh and select the pertinent option. Red Murderer players may only use the Shrine of Chaos to resurrect.

Shrines may also be used by players with the Chivalry skill to tithe gold.

Shrines are where a player can lock (or unlock) their Karma, again by using the contextual menu on the Ankh.

In roleplaying aspects, Shrines can often be the site of miraculous or important events. For example, there is a memorial service every year on September 11th at the Shrine of Sacrifice in Trammel on the Chesapeake shard.

Some Shrines have small puzzles that require clicking or saying a word or phrase to activate a hidden effect.

Shrines that are dedicated to Virtues in the Gargoyle belief system might be introduced in the future updates of the Stygian Abyss expansion.

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