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Gwenno is an important NPC in the history of Ultima Online and the single-player games upon which it is based. She traveled with the Avatar, but was not one of the "Virtue Companions."

Like the character Iolo, Gwenno's husband, Gwenno was based on someone Lord British's player Richard Garriott knew in real life.

Gwenno and her player are both dead. There is a memorial to her in Ilshenar.

Gwenno in Ultima Lore

Gwenno Fitzowen and her husband Iolo were brought to our land by Lord British and the Orb of the Moons. She aided her husband in the creation of Iolo's Bows in the City of Britain. Gwenno journeyed to Buccaneer's Den, where she was searching for, and indeed found, information concerning the legendary Serpent Isle. Unable to wait for her husband to return from his repeated adventuring with the Avatar, she left for the Isle. Upon his return to his home in Yew, Iolo found the note telling where she had gone.

While searching for Gwenno, her husband was given a white diamond necklace by Lady Yelinda, ruler of Fawn, to give to Gwenno when she was found. Gwenno and Iolo were finally reunited on Monk Isle. She immediately dedicated herself to helping fix the imbalance that plagued Serpent Isle and later joined the Avatar.

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