Junk Proof Hook

Junk proof hook.png
Junk Proof Hook
Weight: 1 Stone
Requires: High Seas

Junk Proof Hook is one of the possible rewards of the Professional Fisher Quests. It can be used on a Fishing Pole to ensure not to catch any footwear. It is stack-able and you need to have the High Seas booster pack to use it.

To use the hook, double-click on it and target your fishing pole. The color of the fishing pole will change to the color of the hook and it will also display the applied hook and it's current condition:

Condition New Excellent Very Good Good Fair Worn
Uses Left 50 49 – 40 39 – 30 29 – 20 19 – 10 9 – 1

Once the hook is out of uses, it will disappear and the fishing pole will return to its previous condition:

"As the magic of the hook fades, it transforms to a normal fishhook. The fishing pole returns to normal."

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