Kill Stealing

Kill Stealing is the act of running up to a creature and landing the killing blow. It can also occur in other forms, such as taking on a creature that is almost defeated after another player had died. In short, Kill Stealing is allowed in UO.

Official Statement

"Kill stealing is allowed in Ultima Online. Each player has as much right as any other player to any NPC or monster. There are no line ups, no seniority, no claiming areas or spawns, and no taking turns. All of these things are great if players agree to them and in the long run will improve your enjoyment of hunting, but they are not the rule. It is not appropriate to page on another player who is interrupting your game play by interacting with the NPC spawn in any regard. Please note, if a player targets you specifically to harass this may be physical Harassment. For this to be the case you must Recall to a completely different dungeon or hunting area and this player follows you and persists harassing you. Failure to recall (not using Gate Travel) away to a completely different area indicates you are not interested in resolving the issue and it is not yet physical harassment."[1]