King's Collection Theme Pack

The King’s Collection theme pack became available for purchase from the Origin store on Monday, June 24th, 2013. The King’s Collection provides an entitlement code to be applied to your account and also a code to redeem a token to claim in game items. Your account must have the King’s Collection entitlement to use the King’s Collection token to claim in game items. The collection includes both items available for direct delivery as well as new craftables.

Items available for direct delivery can only be placed by accounts that have the King’s Collection entitlement.

Direct delivery items are delivered in a The Token Box to the player’s bank box when the token is used and includes:

  • Dragon Lantern Lamp
  • Tall Lamp
  • Barrel Sponge - (Will generate random Specialty Potions 35/week)
  • Alchemist Bookcase
  • Fire Painting - (Will generate a random .1 Scrolls of Transcendence once per week)
  • Ship Painting - (Will generate Large Powder Charges 42/week)
  • Horse Painting
  • Castle Painting
  • Cactus Sponge
  • Shelf Sponge
  • Fluffy Sponge
  • Koi Lamp
  • Bird Lamp
  • Bull Tapestry
  • Monastery Bell (Plays a sound when double clicked)
  • Embroidered Tapestry
  • 15th Anniversary Lithograph
  • Marble Table
  • Golden Table
  • Ornate Bed
  • Four Post Bed

The collection will also allow crafters with the correct entitlement to create the following items that anyone can use:

Carpentry Craftable Items

  • Plain Wooden Shelf
  • Fancy Wood Shelf
  • Fancy Loveseat
  • Fancy Couch
  • Plush Loveseat
  • Plant Tapestry
  • Metal Table
  • Long Metal Table
  • Wooden table
  • Long Wooden Table
  • Cello (Plays a sound when double clicked)
  • Wall Mounted Bell (plays a sound when double clicked)
  • Trumpet (plays a sound when double clicked)
  • Cowbell (plays a sound when double clicked)

Tinkering Menu

  • Dragon Lamp
  • Stained Glass Lamp
  • Tall Double Lamp

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