Knights of Crux Ansata

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The Knights of Crux Ansata is a special detachment of the Royal Britannian Guard on the Atlantic shard. They are called forth to help investigate and defeat enemies of the kingdom.

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Question & Answer

EM Bennu answered some common questions about the knights.

What is the purpose of the Knights of the Crux Ansata?

The Knights of the Crux Ansata is a unique evolution of the "Royal Guard" idea that has been prevalent in Ultima Online for several years, both on Atlantic and on other shards.
EM Bennu wanted the Atlantic version of the Royal Guard to be steeped deeply in Ultima Lore. The modern incarnation of the Knights of the Crux Ansata is part Order of the Silver Serpent, part Royal Guard, and a large part Knights of the Crux Ansata.
Through shard fiction they have evolved from a dilapidated and severely weakened order of mercenaries and fighters, slowly into a large group of rag tag heroes, and then eventually into a disciplined order of Virtuous and Heroic Knights and Mages recognized by the late Queen Dawn and paramount in the destruction of Virtuebane.
The Knights of the Crux Ansata, now keep the peace in this lawless time without a Monarch.

Who can become a member of the Knights of the Crux Ansata?

The Knights of the Crux Ansata is open to anyone and everyone. Some events are very combat oriented, some events are almost totally role playing and character interaction.
If you show up at 'roll call' on time for an announced crux event, or participate in a random RPC interaction you are automatically 'enrolled' in the lists of the Knights of the Crux Ansata.
Again, the group is open to all, and all are encouraged to participate. All play styles are welcome, Role Players as well as PvPers, Crafters, Thieves and Beggars... it doesn't matter, all have their place and are welcome. All we ask is that you are respectful of other peoples play styles and you not be disruptive.

Are ALL events Crux Events?

A large portion of EM events on Atlantic are Crux events, but not all. The name "Knights of the Crux Ansata" is just an In Character way to gather in force the volunteer militia of Britannia under a single flag and fiction.
There are also many events that have virtually nothing to do with the Knights of the Crux Ansata, although many Crux members attend EM events of all types.

Where do I go to get involved in the Crux Ansata?

Announced Crux Ansata events are announced on the Stratics EM forums and on the Atlantic EM Website, UOEM Atlantic
Events usually begin in the 'sacred hall of the silver serpent' and gates are provided from North Jhelom and the EM Hall in Britain.
Occasionally a non-event RPC Interaction may occur, these provide background and interaction between events and are announced via the chat channels "General" "CruxAnsata" and "Atlantic RP"

What is this I hear about promotions and sashes?

As you attend Crux Ansata events and interactions you gain 'points' based almost solely on attendance. As you gain points, you advance in rank.
At the rank of Corporal you are granted a sash with your name and rank on it. At each rank you gain a new sash. The sashes are yours to keep.
Roll Call is taken at 'Muster' at the beginning of every event, your name is taken down and recorded in the spreadsheet, then the points due to you are marked next to your name.

How do I know how many points I have?

You don't. With over 600 players currently in the lists it is impossible to entertain each and every request for a points total. Therefore although the points as well as the rank system is fully documented and set in stone, it it held secretly and privately by EM Bennu and the information is not released.