Lightning Arrow

Special move lightning arrow.gif

Lightning Arrow is an Archery Special Move was added during the Mondain's Legacy expansion in the fall of 2005.

A charged arrow that arcs lightning into its target's allies.

Upon successful use, hits target and any two allies of the target that are within 5 tiles with a lightning bolt, that does between 29 and 40 points of energy damage. No target will get more than one lightning strike. If there are more than two allies within the 5 tile radius, two are selected at random.


  • This special move does not actually use any ammunition. You can fire a Lightning Arrow without arrows or bolts.
  • Use of this Special Move will override any Slayer property Damage Increase for that melee round.
  • Mana Cost: 20

Primary Weapons

Weapons with a primary ability of Lightning Arrow require 70 or higher in the appropriate fighting skill and Tactics.

Seconday Weapons

No weapons have Lightning Arrow as a secondary ability.

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