List of Guilds (Europa)

The following is a list of major active guilds on the Europa Shard.


Abbreviation Guild Name
[-+-] Evil Vortex
[AFU] All Friends United
[BUDS] Guild Name Bringing U Down Silently
[C|UK] ClanUK
[CD] Chaos of Deception
[CHSY] The Guild From Chessy
[Dawn] Dawn
[ELV] Elven League of Virtues
[FeW] Finnish Elite Warriors
[gah!] Gang of Adventurous Hunters
[God] Gods Of Inferno
[KLD] Knights Of The Living Dead
[KoC] Kingdom of Cephalonia
[L&M] Lukomorie
[LAD] Light After Darkness
[*NF*] Night Fall
[PWAL] PWAL Team 2
[RAA] Royal Arms and Armour
[REAP] Apocalypse Now
[SaoR] SaoR
[SLaK] Smiling Like a Killer
[SRC] Sosaria Red Cross
[TMG] The Matrix
[WoY] Wardens of Yowlumne

Role-playing Guilds

Abbreviation Guild Name
[BoC] The Baronship of Cove
[CS-B] Community of Skara Brae
[DoT] Duchy of Trinsic
[F^L] Floh'Len D'Lloth (Followers of Lloth)
[Grd] Guardsmen Militia
[-SD-] Order of the Silver Dawn
[KT] The Knights Templar
[KMK] The Knights and Mages of Kha
[Orc!] The Severed Heads Orcs
[-V-] Vesper
[VTC] Vesper Trading Company
[^CA^] Crimson Alliance - Resurgent

Event Guilds

Abbreviation Guild Name
[EA&E] Europa Auction & Events
[ECL] Europa Chicken League