Mask Of Orcish Kin

Mask Of Orcish Kin.png

Masks Of Orcish Kin are Orc Masks that spawn as loot on Orc Mages or Savage Warriors (both male and female versions). It imparts a karma loss for equipping it or for logging in while wearing it. While worn, the mask will cause you to be ignored by all Orcs and prevents Orcs from being Provoked upon you.

The mask will explode and be destroyed (causing roughly 50 Hit Points of damage in the process) for committing following actions while wearing it:

  • You attack an Orc;
  • You equip it while in combat with an Orc;
  • Allowing your pet to attack an Orc;
  • You steal from an Orc; or
  • You Polymorph.

Interestingly, the masks can be blessed with a Clothing Bless Deed.

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