Mini House Deed

Mini-House Deeds let you place miniature houses as a decoration in your home. They were first introduced with the Age of Shadows expansion as part of the Early Settler program, come in deed form at first, and when placed show a tiny version of the classic, non-customizable homes. They vary in size from 1x1 square for the smallest, such as the Wooden House, up to 4x4 for the Castle. They do not block movement, and are re-deeded via use of an Axe.

The full list is as follows;

  • Brick House
  • Castle
  • Field Stone House
  • Large House with Patio
  • Marble House with Patio
  • Sandstone House with Patio
  • Small Brick House
  • Small Marble Workshop
  • Small Stone Keep
  • Small Stone Tower
  • Small Stone Workshop
  • Stone and Plaster House
  • Thatched-roof Cottage
  • Two-story Stone and Plaster House
  • Two-story Wood and Plaster House
  • Two-story Log Cabin
  • Two-story Villa
  • Tower
  • Wood and Plaster House
  • Wooden House

More have become available, some through the Veteran Reward system; after the first Year you can choose one of either the 2003 and 2004 house design Competition Winners in Mini Deed form.

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