Mysterious Statue


The Mysterious Statue is a decorative reward from the Black Market found in Buccaneer's Den during the Rising Tide Event Arc of 2019.

Purchase Amount: 20,000 Doubloons
Weight: 5 stones

Additional Information

Carpenters with the additional Masonry skill could gain further information on this item:

Mysterious Statue
Purchased from a Pirate Merchant

This mysterious statue towers above you. Even as skilled a mason as you are, the craftsmanship is uncanny, and unlike anything you have encountered before. The stone appears to be smooth and special attention was taken to sculpt the statue as a perfect likeness.
According to the pirate you purchased the statue from, it was recovered somewhere at sea. The amount of marine growth seems to reinforce this claim, yet you cannot discern how long it may have been submerged and are thus unsure of its age. Whatever its origins, one thing is clear - the figure is one you hope you do not encounter anytime soon...

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