Creating a Party

You may create a party in a few different ways:

  • type /add and target the person you wish to add with the cursor that appears. (does not matter what type of 'chat mode' you are in at the time, ie guild or alliance or normal speak mode). Easiest by Far!
  • hold the <shift> key and right click on the person to obtain the menu, select 'add party member'
  • left click on the person to put them in the 'current target bar' and then right click on the bar to obtain the menu.
  • drag the persons bar off them, right click on it to obtain the menu.

Joining a Party

  • type /accept to join a party.

Disbanding or Leaving a Party

  • is the same as for creating above only type /quit or use the various shift/right click combos and select the appropriate menu option.

Party Menu

  • when creating or joining a party a small silver button with an arrow appears on the left margin of your screen towards the top. This is similar to the pet menu that appears further down when you have pets or followers. Party members are displayed in this bar which may be moved wherever you like on your desktop, however it always defaults to the same position when a new party is formed or you disconnect and rejoin
  • Each party member has a red and green dot to heal or cure them by clicking in the button (assuming you have a spell that does this)

(note atm this is really really buggy, and half the time is not working correctly, not showing people joining/leaving, not giving party leader heal/cure dots etc. Not sure if there is a work around for this at the moment or if we just need to await a fix).

Party Tracking

  • The radar/world maps will show a dot where your party members are located in relation to yourself. To change the dot colors or have the party members highlighted with an 'in game' shaft of light beaming down on them/or not, you may change or toggle these functions in the map options. See KR World Map for further information, detail on operating the map features is located there.