Pinco's UI

Pinco's UI is one of the most popular custom user-interfaces developed for the Enhanced Client by Pinco.



  • Framework .Net 2.0
  • DirectX 9.0c
  • Audio codecs (if you have problem to play mp3 or you get errors about mp3 files, your audio codecs are missing).
  • Suggested to fix the codecs problems: K-Lite Codecs Pack (the default installation is enough to fix the problem)
  1. To install extract the zip into the main game folder (Not UserInterface folder).
    Note: The patcher will not start if is in the wrong directory.
  2. Create a desktop shortcut for "UI Patcher.exe" and use this to start the game.


The UI Patcher supports the following command lines parameters:

  • -noplaysound : use this to start the game without EC PlaySound.
  • -txpack=<name>: use this to set a texture pack as default interface. <name> is the texture pack name from the following list:

Supported Texture Pack List

(The patcher will only support the texture packs working with the Pinco's UI 4.1g and newer versions)

  • ThirdDawn: Third Dawn Pinco
  • DecorsTexture: Decors Textures
  • Copper: Copper Pinco Textures


Guide to The Enhanced Client User Settings TGN.TV - Produced by Storm

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