Pitcher of Milk


Pitcher of milk.png A Pitcher of Milk is often used either decoratively in a player home or in preparation of some food items with the Cooking skill. Pitchers of milk can either be purchased for a few gold pieces from NPC vendors in cities, usually in taverns, or the enterprising player may use a Glass Pitcher(either purchased empty or had it's contents drained) on a Cow to milk it. Each pitcher of milk yields 5 uses, or drinks, of milk. When drained, the empty pitcher may be refilled with milk, water or any other liquid, but are not stackable.


To milk a cow, a character must be standing next to it and then double-click an empty pitcher. When the targetting cursor appears asking for a target, select the cow to milk it. Each cow will yield 4 pitchers of milk before empty. Bear in mind, milking a cow deprives some young calf somewhere of it's meal, meaning it won't grow up as strong with healthy bones at least, that is, before it's herded into a slaughter house.

Bulls cannot be milked. This was tested.