Potion Keg

Potion Keg.gif

Used mainly for the storage of Potions. They cannot be stacked, weigh twenty stones each, and can be crafted by Tinkers.

Kegs can store up to 100 potions of the same type. For every potion added, their weight increases by four fifths of a stone (up to a maximum of 100 stones). They may be dyed with a Furniture Dye Tub, which is often helpful for coloring the kegs to match the potion type inside.

There was a bug that potions removed directly by use of the Gardening display window did not decrease the weight of a keg. This was fixed in Publish 75.

The contextual menu option to entirely dump the contents of a keg so that it may be re-used has not yet been implemented.


Skill required:
75.0 Tinkering Under Assemblies


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