Publish 22

The following is a list of changes deployed as Publish 22 on December 17, 2003.

Holiday Gifts

(Update: These gifts will appear in the backpack of any character--or bankbox if the backpack is full--that have aged 30 days or more the first time they log into UO while this publish is live. New gifts will stop appearing with the release of a future publish, although any existing gifts will still exist and be usable beyond that time.)

  • Poinsettia plant
  • Snowflake
  • Wreath (the color of the ribbon can be changed with any dye tub that can dye cloth)
  • Snowman (the color of the hat and scarf can be changed with any dye tub that can dye cloth)
  • Gift box (the color of the box can be changed with a furniture dye tub)

Crafting, Decorating, Items

  • Fixed an issue that would cause dyes to become unusable after double-clicking them and then selecting an invalid target (such as the dyes themselves).
  • Bulletin boards will now have a security setting that will allow house owners to choose who will be able to access their boards.

Adventuring, Combat, Skills

  • The Sacred Journey button on the last page of runebooks will now work properly.
  • Using the buttons in runebooks to cast Sacred Journey will no longer cost double the normal mana and tithing points.
  • Blade Spirits can once again be cast on uneven terrain.
  • Balanced the loot distribution of treasure maps and messages in bottles.


  • Fixed an issue that caused certain faction-aligned creatures, like wisps, to not give any silver if they were slain by a faction player's pet.
  • A faction will not be able to fire any faction vendors within the first 24 hours of their creation.

Quests, Locations, NPCs

  • Vendors will now pay players the proper amount of gold for large transactions.
  • NPC Tailor shopkeepers will now buy back both cut-up pieces of cloth and bolts of cloth.


  • Pets will respond more consistently to commands given to them while they're engaged in combat.
  • Bonded pets (pet ghosts as well) will properly follow their owners when they use Recall, Gate, Sacred Journey, or the "stuck" option in the Help menu.
  • Fixed an issue that caused pets to move slowly when ordered to attack.
  • Pets will properly return to following their owners after defeating an enemy they were engaged in combat with.


  • Corrected an issue that would sometimes cause a newly created character to start with clothing colors that did not match the colors picked during the creation process.
  • Server tuning and bandwidth optimizations to reduce lag.

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