Publish 60

The following is a list of changes deployed as Publish 60 on September 8, 2009 and marks the launch of the Stygian Abyss expansion.

Deployment History

  • September 8, 2009 - Published to all shards.

Launch Message

The Ultima Online team would like to dedicate this, the sixtieth Cycle of Knowledge, containing the Stygian Abyss and all its related mysteries, to our loyal friends and fellow citizens of Britannia. -- Chrissay Zeeman

New Skill: Imbuing

  • Skill Title: Artificer
  • The Imbuing skill allows players to imbue items with magical item properties. The amount of skill determines how much of an item’s potential is “fillable” by that craftsman.
  • Imbuing is performed at a soul forge. The soul forge in the Gargoyle City gives a slight bonus, and the Queen's soul forge gives the highest bonus.
  • Many magical items (weapons, armor, etc) can be “unraveled” to produce a set of imbuing basic ingredients (Magical Residue, Enchanted Essence, and Relic Fragments)
  • Various jewels are used for individual item properties, up to a certain amount of intensity
  • Special ingredients added as rare drops in Ter Mur and the Abyss are used for high level intensities
  • Imbued equipment can only be used with the expansion entitlement

New Skill: Mysticism

  • Skill Title: Mystic
  • Passive Gargoyle Ability (30% base proficiency in Mysticism)
  • Uses the following reagents:
    • Bone
    • Dragon blood
    • Fertile dirt
    • Demon bone
    • Black Pearl
    • Blood Moss
    • Garlic
    • Ginseng
    • Mandrake
    • Nightshade
    • Sulfurous Ash
    • Spider Silk


  • Nether Bolt: Fires a bolt of nether energy at the Target, dealing chaos damage
  • Healing Stone: Conjures a Healing Stone that will instantly heal the Caster when used.
  • Purge Magic: Attempts to remove a beneficial ward from the Target, chosen randomly
  • Enchant: Temporarily enchants a weapon with a hit spell effect chosen by the Caster. If the Caster's Imbuing and Mysticism skills are greater than 80, the Caster may hold the weapon while casting Magery or Mysticism spells.
  • Sleep: Puts the Target into a temporary Sleep state. In this state, a Slept Target will be unable to attack or cast spells, and will move at a much slower speed. A Slept Target will awaken if harmed or after a set amount of time.
  • Eagle Strike: Conjures a magical eagle that assaults the Target with its talons, dealing energy damage.
  • Animated Weapon: Conjures and animates a weapon that selects a Target to attack based off its combat strength and proximity.
  • Stone Form: Infuses the Caster with the essence of solid stone, giving a bonus to physical attacks and damage resistance, but reducing the Caster's movement, spell casting, and attack speed. The Stone Form may neutralize poison, strangle, bleed, sleep, paralysis, and stat reduction effects.
  • Spell Trigger: Allows the Caster to store a Mysticism spell in a Spell Stone. When the Caster uses the Spell Stone, the stored spell is instantly cast.
  • Mass Sleep: Puts one or more Targets within a radius around the Target's Location into a temporary Sleep state.
  • Cleansing Winds: Soothing winds attempt to neutralize poisons, lift curses, and heal a valid Target.
  • Bombard: Hurls a magical boulder at the Target, dealing physical damage. This spell also has a chance to knockback and stun a player Target.
  • Spell Plague: Inflicts a terrible curse on one or more Targets in its area of effect. Each time a Spell Plagued Target hits with a harmful attack or spell, the Target may suffer a backlash of fire damage.
  • Hail Storm: Summons a storm of hailstones that strikes all Targets within a radius around the Target's Location, dealing cold damage.
  • Nether Cyclone: Summons a gale of lethal winds that strikes all Targets within a radius around the Target's Location, dealing chaos damage. In addition to inflicting damage, each Target of the Nether Cyclone temporarily loses a percentage of mana and stamina.
  • Rising Colossus: Summons a colossal stone titan that selects a Target to attack based off its intelligence and proximity.

New Skill: Throwing

  • Skill Title: Bladeweaving
  • Passive Gargoyle Ability: Deadly Aim (20% base proficiency in Throwing)
  • Added two new special moves
    • Infused Throw: The player infuses their throwing projectile with mystical power. The infused projectile will dismount the target if possible; otherwise it will temporarily stun the target. The target will be hit with chaos damage regardless of whether they were dismounted or paralyzed.
    • Mystic Arc: The thrower augments the spinning of their projectile with mystic force causing it to strike a second target after first hitting the primary target. Some of the energy used to increase the projectiles spin is transferred to each target causing additional energy damage.
  • Weapons have a base range that is increased according to the player’s strength
    • Boomerang: 4 min, 7 max
    • Cyclone: 6 min, 9 max
    • Soul Glaive: 8 min, 11 max
  • Distance from target affects the damage and accuracy of the thrown weapon – there is a sweet spot of range and power that deals more effective damage
    • This is calculated as Hit Chance penalties and Damage Reduction
  • Close Quarters Combat: Being too close to a target would normally cause ineffective throws. However, Swordsmanship skill can compensate for this, with Legendary skill even giving a slight bonus.
  • Shield Penalties: All throwing weapons are one-handed, and thus Gargoyles can equip shields.
    • Causes Hit Chance and Defense Reduction penalties while holding a shield. This penalty is reduced by your skill in parrying.
  • Concussion Blow: The existing Concussion Blow special move has been updated to have the following behavior:
    • 10 direct damage
    • Temporarily drains 50% of the target’s mana, restored after 6 seconds
    • Target becomes temporarily immune to this drain effect if it happens too often to them

Gargoyle Flight

  • Ter Mur Gargoyles can fly, which allows them to move at mounted speed (although they cannot ride mounts in exchange)
  • Gargoyles can cross specially marked “flight tiles” in Ter Mur and the Abyss dungeons, allowing the access to special areas and shortcuts
  • Gargoyles have access to a spanning “High Way” across Ter Mur, which allows them to fly directly to distant areas

Gargoyle Items


  • Dual Short Axes
  • Glass Sword
  • Dread Sword
  • Stone War Sword
  • Gargish Talwar
  • Dual Pointed Spear
  • Gargish Dagger
  • Bloodblade
  • Shortblade
  • Disk Mace
  • Glass Staff
  • Serpentstone Staff
  • Boomerang
  • Cyclone
  • Soul Glaive

Armor (Arms, Tunic, Leggings, Kilt)

  • Cloth
  • Leather
  • Stone
  • Plate


  • Small Plate Shield
  • Gargish Kite Shield
  • Large Plate Shield
  • Large Stone Shield
  • Gargish Wooden Shield
  • Medium Plate Shield
  • Gargish Order Shield
  • Gargish Chaos Shield


  • Gargish Robe
  • Gargish Fancy Robe

Gargish Craftables

  • Large Gargish Bed
  • Gargish Cot
  • Soulforge
  • Gargish Couch
  • Long Table
  • Short Table
  • Ter Mur Style Dresser
  • Ter Mur Style Candelabra
  • Ter Mur Style Floor Mirror
  • Gargish Painting
  • Gargish Sculpture
  • Gargish Vase
  • Ter Mur Style Wall Mirror
  • Gargish Banner
  • Aud-Char (Musical Instrument)
  • Ter Mur Style Chair
  • Ter Mur Style Table
  • Gargish Chest

New Lands

  • The Fire Island Volcano
    • A new landmass risen up as part of Fire Island, raising the entrance to the Abyss up from the ocean floor
  • Ter Mur: The homeland of the Gargoyles
    • The Royal City, where the Queen’s Palace can be found
    • The Holy City, with the entrance to the Abyss, and the Shrine of Singularity
    • Flight paths throughout the land, including a “High Way” system
    • Housing plots to the southeast of the city
  • Underworld: Links to the Stygian Abyss, accessible from the Fire Island Volcano in Britannia
    • Quest and puzzles to gain the Tripartite key necessary to access the Abyss
    • The Font of Fortune, which heals and resurrects, and grants wishes to those who toss in lucky coins
    • A “Room of Experiments” requiring careful navigation with a crystal
    • Puzzle boxes adapted from the older Exodus puzzles
    • A deathtrap hallway requiring a special map to guide you safely through
    • A platform/teleporter puzzle outside the Ankh room
    • An encounter with Tyball’s Shadow in the Ancient Shrine
    • The lair of Navrey Night-eyes, mistress of web and shadow
    • The entrance to the Abyss, requiring a Sacred Quest
  • The Stygian Abyss: The deepest level of the Stygian Abyss dungeons, accessible from the Underworld, Tomb of Kings, and certain Felucca dungeons for the Champ Spawns
    • The Chamber of Virtue: where the Slasher of Veils waits for victims of his incomprehensible power
    • The boss encounters for Medusa and the Stygian Dragon
    • Two Champ Spawns: The Primeval Lich and Abyssal Infernal
    • The Silver Sapling: Which resurrects players and offers a special seed that they can plant anywhere in the Abyss (allowing the player to be resurrected at that point)
    • The Cavern of the Discarded: Strong magics direct the trash and destroyed items of the worlds to this single focal point, where tribes of Ratmen have built their homes in the filth and waste
  • Tomb of Kings: Links to the Stygian Abyss, accessible from the Holy City in Ter Mur
    • Contains tombs of treasure of the ancient Gargoyle kings
    • Lever puzzle to release mobs from various rooms
    • The Serpent’s Breath, requiring an understanding of Order and Chaos to pass
    • An encounter with Niporailem, a Gargoyle thief cursed to guard the tombs
    • The entrance to the Abyss, requiring a Sacred Quest

New Creatures

  • Tangling Roots
  • Greater Poison Elemental
  • Bloodworms
  • Rotworm
  • Sentinel Spider
  • Green Goblin
  • Green Goblin Scouts
  • Green Goblin Alchemist
  • Grey Goblin
  • Grey Goblin Mage
  • Grey Goblin Keepers
  • Iron Beetle
  • Wolf Spider
  • Gremlin
  • Mimic
  • High Plains Boura
  • Lowland Boura
  • Ruddy Boura
  • Chicken Lizard
  • Battle Chicken Lizard
  • Kepetch
  • Kepetch Ambusher
  • Raptor
  • Skree
  • Undead Gargoyle
  • Putrid Undead Gargoyle
  • Slith
  • Stone Slith
  • Toxic Slith
  • Slasher of Veils
  • Stygian Dragon
  • Abyssal Infernal
  • Medusa
  • Primeval Lich
  • Acid Slugs
  • Homunculus
  • Dragon Wolf
  • Navrey Night-Eyes
  • Maddening Horror
  • Lava Elemental
  • Shadow Dweller
  • Dream Wraith
  • Clockwork Scorpion
  • Gargoyle Pet
  • Leather Wolf
  • Fire Ant
  • Trapdoor Spider
  • Clan Scratch Chieftain
  • Clan Scratch Henchrat
  • Clan Scratch Scrounger
  • Clan Scratch Savage Wolf
  • Clan Chitter Chieftain
  • Clan Chitter Tinkerers
  • Clan Chitter Assistant
  • Clan Chitter Clockwork Scorpion
  • Clan Ribbon Chieftain
  • Clan Ribbon Courtier
  • Clan Ribbon Supplicant
  • Clan Ribbon Plague Rat

Void Plague

  • An invasion of Ter Mur by creatures from the Void
  • Creatures begin as small, slime-like manifestations called Korpre and can evolve into different void monsters based on their interactions with the environment
  • A Korpre can either kill another mob, survive for a set period of time, or group together with other Korpre in order to evolve
  • Evolution can create Ortanord void monsters as a byproduct

Killing Path

Grouping Path

Survival Path

Boss Encounters

Slasher of Veils

  • Daemonic Targeting: The ability to discern the most effective enemies, and quickly dispatch damage to them
  • Immortal Death: Can turn invulnerable mobs vulnerable before slaying them
  • Spell Chain: Rapidly casts several spells in a row
  • True Fear: Stun-para when a player enters view of the beast
  • Special moves: Angry Fire, Mana Drain, Paralyze


  • Petrifying Gaze: When struck by her stare the player is temporarily turned into stone
  • Stone Statue: The stone statue left behind by a player or their pets/summons has a chance to reanimate as an evil twin
  • Venomous Bite: Medusa’s poisonous hair attempts to poison opponents
  • Lethal Arrow: Chance of poison being applied to the target of an arrow
  • Special moves: Mortal wound
  • Adding Craftable Gorgon lenses help protect players from her petrifying gaze

Stygian Dragon

  • Flight and Fury: The Stygian Dragon can freely fly around the arena, either to escape or track its victims without mercy
  • Crimson Meteor: Rains fireballs down on the arena, creating AoE firefields
  • Stygian Fireball: A combination of void energy that rushes as multiple streaks of crackling energy towards a target
  • Special moves: Bladeweave and Talon Strike

Instancing and Queues

  • The two new boss encounters, Medusa and the Stygian Dragon, have an instancing and queuing system tied to their battle arenas
  • Players gather “keys” near the lairs, and then sacrifice them on the altars inside
  • If an instance is available, their party will have access to a moongate allowing them in
  • If all instances are full, their party will be queued, and will be offered a chance to join the next available instance (regardless of where they are in the dungeon, but they *must* remain in the Abyss)
    • This queueing will only queue for the party members partied at the time of registration.
    • Queued party members who leave the party (or all of them if the party is dissolved) will still be allowed to participate when their turn comes
  • Instances last for two hours, with a fifteen minute timer added to the end of a successful fight in order to provide time for looting
  • Resurrection shrines are available in each instance
  • Players will be warned when leaving an instance that they cannot return
  • Players who log out during an instance will only be removed from the instance if they log out longer than the normal grace period (10 minutes)

Champion Spawns

  • Two new Champion Spawns: The Primeval Lich and the Abyssal Infernal
  • Trammel ruleset entrances inside the Stygian Abyss dungeon, Felucca ruleset entrances in various Felucca dungeons
  • Include special decoration and interactive elements that evolve as the champ progresses

Primeval Lich

  • Howl of the Lich: A howl so powerful it creates a cold blast radius causing cold damage to all players and their pets.
  • Creeping Death: Occasionally, the Primeval Lich will call creatures of the darkness to his aid.
    • Up to six lightning strikes will randomly assault players and pets within a 15 tile radius of the Lich
    • A shadow dweller will spawn at each point near the impact of those lightning strikes and attack players and pets within range
  • Unholy Touch: The Lich's touch will occasionally corrupt the player's soul, temporarily draining some of his skills and attributes
  • Teleport Taunt: The Lich should taunt players out of attack range when they attack the lich with ranged weapons or magic.

Abyssal Infernal

  • Fiendish Calling: Summons weak versions of Elementals in small groups (5% chance)
  • Meteors: Calls down the fury of burning meteors to devastate the battlefield in a raw display of power
  • Condemnation: Condemns players to the Pit by teleporting them to one of the 5 lava pits around in lair, temporarily stunning them and doing continuous damage
  • Mark of One: Greatly reduces the targets HP


  • Sets of layered spawn areas within the Stygian Abyss dungeon
  • Composed of two to three layers of monsters (in increasing levels of difficulty), with a final monster called a [Renowned]
  • Renowned mobs are upgraded versions of one of the mobs from that spawn, with a few new creatures
  • Each mini-champ drops an imbuing ingredient of Gargoyle virtue/principle essences
  • Layout:
    • Lava Caldera
    • Skeletal Dragon
    • Enslaved Goblins
    • Fire Temple Ruins
    • The Secret Garden
    • The Lands of the Lich
    • Passage of Tears
    • Abyssal Lair Entrance
    • Stygian Dragon Lair Entrance
    • Crimson Veins
  • Unique creatures:
    • Fire Daemons
    • Skeletal Lich
    • Forgotten Servants
    • Enslaved Goblins



  • Found hidden in the Tomb of Kings
  • Vengeful Curse: Summons spectral armor to defend the tomb
  • Fool’s Gold: Throws overweighted gold piles directly into the player’s pack, overweighting them. The gold becomes a nuisance very quickly, and turns to sand upon being tossed to the ground
  • Special Moves: Strangle

Navrey Night-Eyes

  • Found in her nest in the Underworld dungeon
  • Navrey’s Web: Surrounds the player in webbing that performs an unbreakable stun-paralysis. Webbing can be removed through a special quest item, or by waiting it out.
  • The lair has a special set of pillars, that when activated all at once causes a rock collapse above Navrey, crushing her and any nearby players and mobs for a short time



  • Adding a new loyalty system that can store the player’s relationship with various factions in the game
  • Some game mechanics will require Loyalty, such as house placement in Ter Mur
  • Adding the first Loyalty group: Gargoyle Queen
  • Loyalty status can be accessed from the player’s context menu
  • Loyalty can be gained through completing quests or defeating mobs in Ter Mur and the Abyss dungeons
  • Every mob that gives loyalty has a set amount it will give to the top attacker. Lesser attackers will receive a smaller portion, but this won’t take away from the amount anyone else gets

Gargoyle Queen’s Loyalty

  • Point layouts:
    • Below 0: Enemy
    • 0 – 1999: Friend
    • 2000 – 9999: Citizen
    • 10000: Noble
  • House placement in Ter Mur required “Noble” status
  • Using the Soul Forge in the Queen’s Palace also requires “Noble” status
    • This soul forge has a significant bonus
  • All new Gargoyle characters begin as “Citizens”


  • The Gargoyle Queen rewards her nobility with plots of land in her kingdom. The initial set of housing plots are located to the southeast of the Royal City
  • House placement requires “Noble” status in Ter Mur, but not the Abyss dungeons
  • There are reserved house plots inside the Abyss that cannot yet be placed at, but won’t require Loyalty when they can be


  • Moongates will not link to Ter Mur until a special event occurs in-game
  • A new moongate has been created southeast of the Royal City which links to the normal moongate system. Will be made available during a special event

Gargoyle Artifacts


Axes of Fury (Dual Short Axes)

  • Hit Lower Defense: 40%
  • Hit Fireball: 45%
  • Dex: 5
  • HCI: 20%
  • DCI: -15%
  • SSI: 30%
  • DI: 45%
  • Physical Damage: 100%

Channeler’s Defender (Glass Sword)

  • Hit Lower Attack: 60%
  • Spell Channeling
  • HCI: 5%
  • DCI: 10%
  • FCR: 1
  • LMC: 5%
  • SSI: 20%
  • Energy Damage: 100%

Legacy of Despair (Dread War Sword)

  • Hit Curse: 10%
  • Hit Lower Attack: 50%
  • Hit Lower Defense: 50%
  • SSI: 30%
  • DI: 60%
  • Cold Damage: 75%
  • Poison Damage: 25%

Abyssal Blade (Stone War Sword)

  • Hit Mana Drain: 50%
  • Hit Fatigue: 50%
  • Hit Stamina Leech: 60%
  • Hit Mana Leech: 60%
  • SSI: 20%
  • DI: 60%
  • Chaos Damage: 100%

Light in the Void (Talwar)

  • Undead Slayer
  • Hit Lower Defense: 30%
  • Hit Lightning: 45%
  • Str: 8
  • HCI: 10%
  • FC: 1
  • SSI: 20%
  • DI: 35%
  • Physical Damage: 100%

Standard of Chaos (Double Pointed Spear)

  • Hit Lightning: 10%
  • Hit Harm: 30%
  • Hit Lower Defense: 40%
  • Hit Fireball: 20%
  • FC: 1
  • SSI: 30%
  • DI: -40%
  • Chaos Damage: 100%

Stone Dragon’s Tooth (Gargish Dagger)

  • Poison Eater: 10%
  • Hit Lower Defense: 30%
  • Hit Magic Arrow: 40%
  • HP Regen: 3
  • SSI: 10%
  • DI: 50%
  • Fire Resist: 10%
  • Poison Damage: 100%

Life Syphon (Blood Sword)

  • Blood Drinker
  • Hit Life Leech: 100%
  • Hit Harm: 30%
  • HP: 10
  • SSI: 25%
  • DI: 50%
  • Physical Damage: 100%

Blade of Battle (Short Sword)

  • Hit Lower Defense: 40%
  • Battle Lust
  • HCI: 15%
  • DCI: 10%
  • SSI: 25%
  • DI: 50%
  • Physical Damage: 100%

Death’s Head (Disc Mace)

  • Hit Fatigue: 10%
  • Hit Lightning: 45%
  • Hit Lower Defense: 30%
  • SSI: 20%
  • DI: 45%
  • Physical Damage: 100%

Staff of Resonance (Glass Staff)

  • Kinetic Resonance: 20%
  • Mage Weapon -10 Skill
  • Hit Harm: 50%
  • Spell Channeling
  • DCI: 10%
  • LMC: 5%
  • SSI: 20%
  • DI: -40%
  • Physical Damage: 100%

Petrified Smoke (Serpent Stone Staff)

  • Poison Eater: 20%
  • Reptile Slayer
  • Hit Magic Arrow: 30%
  • Hit Lower Defense: 30%
  • SSI: 30%
  • DI: 50%
  • Poison Resist: 10%
  • Poison Damage: 100%

Banshee’s Call (Cyclone)

  • Velocity: 35%
  • Hit Harm: 40%
  • Hit Life Leech: 45%
  • Str: 5
  • SSI: 30%
  • DI: 50%
  • Cold Damage: 100%

Storm Caller (Boomerang)

  • Hit Lower Defense: 30%
  • Hit Lightning: 40%
  • Battle Lust
  • Str: 5
  • SSI: 30%
  • DI: 40%
  • Physical Damage: 20%
  • Fire Damage: 20%
  • Cold Damage: 20%
  • Poison Damage: 20%
  • Energy Damage: 20%

Valkyrie’s Glaive (Soul Glaive)

  • Undead Slayer
  • Hit Fireball: 40%
  • Spell Channeling
  • Str: 5
  • SSI: 20%
  • DI: 20%
  • Physical Damage: 100%

Sword of Shattered Hopes (Glass Sword)

  • Hit Dispel: 25%
  • Splintering Weapon: 20%
  • SSI: 30%
  • DI: 50%
  • Fire Resist: 15%
  • Physical Damage: 100%

Staff of Shattered Dreams (Glass Staff)

  • Spell Channeling
  • Hit Dispel: 25%
  • Splintering Weapon: 20%
  • FC: -1
  • DI: 50%
  • Fire Resist: 15%
  • Physical Damage: 100%

Stone Slith Claw (Cyclone)

  • Hit Harm: 40%
  • Hit Lower Defense: 40%
  • Demon Slayer
  • SSI: 25%
  • DI: 45%
  • Physical Damage: 100%

Raptor Claw (Boomerang)

  • Hit Stamina Leech: 40%
  • Undead Slayer
  • HCI: 12%
  • SSI: 30%
  • DI: 35%
  • Physical Damage: 100%


Dragon Hide Shield (Gargish Kite Shield)

  • Fire Eater: 20%
  • HP Regen: 2
  • DCI: 10%
  • Fire Resist: 15%
  • Energy Resist: -4%

Pillar of Strength (Large Stone Shield)

  • Str: 10
  • HP: 10
  • DI: 20%
  • Physical Resist: 10%
  • Poison Resist: 1%

Sign of Order (Gargish Order Shield)

  • Chivalry: +10
  • HCI: 5%
  • DCI: 10%
  • FCR: 1
  • FC: 1
  • Physical Resist: 1%
  • Cold Resist: 5%
  • Poison Resist: 5%

Sign of Chaos (Gargish Chaos Shield)

  • Soul Charge: 20%
  • HCI: 5%
  • DCI: 10%
  • FC: 1
  • Physical Resist: 3%
  • Fire Resist: 2%
  • Cold Resist: 2%
  • Poison Resist: 2%
  • Energy Resist: 2%

Mystic’s Guard (Small Wooden Shield)

  • Gargoyles Only
  • Soul Charge: 30%
  • Spell Channeling
  • DCI: 10%
  • FCR: 2
  • Physical Resist: 10%
  • Energy Resist: 1%


Cast-Off Zombie Skin (Gargish Leather Arms)

  • Spirit Speak: +5
  • Necromancy: +5
  • LMC: 5%
  • LRC: 8%
  • Physical Resist: 13%
  • Fire Resist: -2%
  • Cold Resist: 17%
  • Poison Resist: 18%
  • Energy Resist: 6%
  • Increased Karma Loss: 5%


Summoner’s Kilt (Gargish Cloth Kilt)

  • Casting Focus: 2%
  • Mana: 5
  • Mana Regen: 2
  • SDI: 5%
  • LMC: 8%
  • LRC: 10%
  • Physical Resist: 5%
  • Fire Resist: 7%
  • Cold Resist: 21%
  • Poison Resist: 6%
  • Energy Resist: 21%

Breastplate of the Berzerker (Gargish Platemail Chest)

  • HP: 5
  • Stamina Regen: 3
  • LMC: 4%
  • SSI: 10%
  • DI: 15%
  • Physical Resist: 18%
  • Fire Resist: 16%
  • Cold Resist: 5%
  • Poison Resist: 11%
  • Energy Resist: 5%

Giant Steps (Gargish Stone Leggings)

  • Str: 5
  • Dex: 5
  • HP: 5
  • HP Regen: 2
  • DI: 10%
  • Physical Resist: 10%
  • Fire Resist: 18%
  • Cold Resist: 4%
  • Poison Resist: 8%
  • Energy Resist: 12%


Mystic’s Garb (Gargish Robe)

  • Mana: 5
  • LMC: 1%

Other Artifacts


Eternal Guardian Staff (Gnarled Staff)

  • Mysticism: +15
  • Spell Channeling
  • SDI: 10%
  • LMC: 5%
  • Physical Damage: 100%


Boura Tail Shield (Wooden Kite Shield)

  • Reactive Paralyze
  • Reflect Physical Damage: 10%
  • Physical Resist: 8%
  • Energy Resist: 1%


Demon Bridle Ring (Ring)

  • HP Regen: 1
  • Mana Regen: 1
  • DCI: 10%
  • FCR: 2
  • FC: 1
  • LMC: 4%
  • Fire Resist: 5%

Token of Holy Favor (Bracelet)

  • HP: 5
  • HCI: 10%
  • DCI: 10%
  • SDI: 4%
  • FCR: 2
  • FC: 1
  • Cold Resist: 5%
  • Poison Resist: 5%


Shroud of the Condemned

  • Int: 5
  • HP: 3

New Item Properties

Blood Drinker

  • Allows an attacker to gain life from using the bleed attack
  • Damage done through the bleed attack is directly transferred to the attacker’s health

Battle Lust

  • Significant damage received from mobs will be added to the attacker’s Battle Lust, causing them to do more damage to all mobs they’re aggressing
  • This damage bonus is further modified by how many opponents they’re aggressed against
  • Damage bonus is 15% per opponent, with a cap of 45% in PvP and 90% in PvM
  • Lust is gained every two seconds
  • Lust decays at a rate of one point every six seconds

Damage Eaters

  • Converts a small portion of damage dealt to the player (damage must be the same type as the eater) back to health
  • Stacks with other eaters of the same type, capped at 30%
  • The “damage all” type of eater is capped at 18%

Casting Focus

  • A chance to resist interruptions while casting spells

Hit Curse

  • Functions similarly to the spell “Curse”, but has a thirty second cooldown

Hit Fatigue

  • Reduces the target’s stamina by a percent of the damage dealt by the attack that triggers the effect

Hit Mana Drain

  • Reduces the target’s mana by a percent of the damage dealt by the attack that triggers the effect

Reactive Paralyze

  • A chance to paralyze an attacker if the player parries their blow


  • Chance to resist spell-casting interruption if the damage received is the same type as the resonance

Soul Charge

  • A chance to convert a percentage of damage dealt to the player into mana

Splintering Weapon

  • A glass shard breaks off from the weapon, striking the victim to cause a bleed effect and forced walking
  • Stacks with the regular bleed effect to cause additional damage and extend the duration of the special attack



  • Dirty plates
  • Flask stand
  • Hook
  • Inkwell
  • Plate of food
  • Spoon
  • Oars
  • Stolen Bottles of Liquor (2)
  • Stolen Bottles of Liquor (3)
  • Stolen Bottles of Liquor (4)
  • Dirty pans
  • Spider webs
  • Bottles of Spoiled Wine (2)
  • Bottles of Spoiled Wine (3)
  • Bottles of Spoiled Wine (4)
  • Fake copper ingots
  • Priceless treasure
  • Jugs of goblin rotgut

Stygian Abyss

  • Mystic’s Guard
  • Valkyrie’s Glaive
  • Staff of Resonance
  • Light in the Void
  • Pushme Pullyu
  • Vase
  • Urn
  • Gargish Portrait
  • Large dead plant
  • Small dead plant
  • Gargoyle statues
  • Pot
  • Open book
  • Gargish hound


Tiered Quests

  • Requires lower tier quests to be completed before higher tier ones can be obtained
  • Most quests are repeatable, with individual cooldown timers based on the tier
    • Tier 1: 30 minutes
    • Tier 2: 2 hours
    • Tier 3: 1 day
  • Tier Requirements
    • Tier 2: Complete five Tier 1 quests
    • Tier 3: Complete ten Tier 2 quests
    • The Zosilem quests are an exception:
      • Tier 1 requires five of Thepem’s Tier 2 quests
      • Tier 2 requires ten Tier 1 quests
      • Tier 3 requires twenty Tier 2 quests
  • Tier Quest Givers
    • Percolem
    • Thepem
    • Zosilem
  • Tier 1 Quests
    • All That Glitters
    • Boura, Boura
    • Dabbling on the Dark Side
    • Raptorlicious
    • Tasty Treats
    • The Brainy Alchemist
    • The Slith Wars
  • Tier 2 Quests
    • Armor Up
    • Boura, Boura, and more Boura
    • Green with Envy
    • Metal Head
    • Pink is the New Black
    • Revenge of the Slith
    • We’ve Got an Ant Problem
    • Ambushing the Ambushers
  • Tier 3 Quests
    • A Valorous Deed
    • It Makes Me Sick
    • It’s a Mad, Mad World
    • Pure Valorite
    • The Dreamers
    • The Forbidden Fruit

Stygian Abyss Access (Britannian)

  • Garamon (handled through exploration and puzzle solving)

Stygian Abyss Access (Gargoyle)

  • Rumors Abound
  • The Arisen
  • La Insep Om


  • Secrets of the Soulforge
  • Knowledge of the Soulforge
  • Mastering the Soulforge


  • A Mystic’s Journey


  • Into the Void

Custom Carpets

  • Shearing Knowledge
  • Weaving Friendships
  • A New Spin on Things


  • A Broken Vase
  • Putting the Pieces Together
  • Ye Olde Gargish
  • In the Weeds

Battle Chicken Breeding

Obtaining an Egg

  • Newly bonded chicken lizards have a chance of laying an egg the day after bonding
  • Alternatively, there is a small chance you’ll find an egg as loot on a wild chicken lizard’s corpse


  • The egg must be placed in an incubator for three days, and watered daily. Leaving it in the incubator too long will burn the egg.
  • Available through Carpentry


  • Double-clicking the properly incubated egg will break its shell, freeing the newly born battle chicken, which will proceed to go vorpal and run around quickly
  • Collars can be crafted by Tailors to make catching the newly hatched battle chicken easier

Chicken Coops

  • Allows up to three battle chickens to be stabled, outside the normal stable slot system

Basket Weaving

  • Allows Tinkers to craft their own colored baskets, including previously unobtainable basket types
  • Twelve baskets in eighteen hues
  • Uses reeds obtained from plants and toxic venom sacs from the toxic sliths
  • Scouring toxin is made by Alchemists
  • GM Tinkers are required to read the book on basket weaving available from Ter Mur NPCs

Custom Carpets

  • Individual tile pieces of classic carpets can now be purchased from a Gargoyle NPC in Ter Mur after completing her questline
  • Sixty-one new pieces of carpet can be bought from Laifem
  • Carpet tiles can only be placed and “locked-down” in a house by the owner or co-owner
  • Carpet tiles use a simplified “lockdown” system
    • Dropping a tile on the ground highlights it yellow and flags it as “not locked down”
    • Double-clicking the tile will secure it in place
  • These carpets do not act as surface tiles, and cannot be walked on
  • They can, however, be stacked
  • Quest items: Britannian wool, Laifem’s Letter of Introduction, Mastering the Art of Weaving
  • Quest NPCs: Laifem, Dermott

Pet Resurrection

Pet Resurrection by Players

  • Players who resurrect pets will now restore a certain amount of the pet’s HP
  • Up to 20% of the pet’s Max HP at 120.0% Veterinary and 120.0% Animal Lore
  • Up to an additional 20% based on the player’s Compassion level
    • Seeker of Compassion: 5%
    • Follower of Compassion: 10%
    • Knight of Compassion: 20%
  • Resurrection health bonus is capped at 200 HP
  • Added a ten second timer before pets can be resurrected (helps prevent accidental bandage use)

Elixir of Rebirth

  • A special reward that can resurrect a pet
  • Restores up to 20% of the pet’s HP at 120.0% Veterinary and 120.0% Animal Lore
  • Resurrection health bonus is capped at 200 HP
  • Requires the pet to have been dead for five minutes before use

NPC Veterinarians

  • Added Veterinarians throughout the world (generally near stables) that can resurrect pets for a cost
  • Costs are based on the taming requirement for the pet
  • Costs scale exponentially with difficulty, up to a maximum of 30,000 gold
  • Costs at various taming levels:
    • 0%: 0gp
    • 10%: 4gp
    • 20%: 4gp
    • 30%: 16gp
    • 40%: 36gp
    • 50%: 100gp
    • 60%: 256gp
    • 70%: 676gp
    • 80%: 1,764gp
    • 90%: 4,624gp
    • 100%: 12,100gp
    • 110%: 30,000gp

Scroll Binders

  • Allows lower level Powerscrolls, Stat Scrolls, and Scrolls of Transcendence into their next higher level versions
  • Scroll Binder is a craftable item
    • Created from Wood Pulp by Scribes
    • Wood Pulp is created from Bark Fragment by Cooks
  • Scroll Binders of the same type can be combined
  • Scroll Binders are Cursed

Snake Charming

  • Can use a snake charming flute on snakes outside the Medusa’s Lair to obtain rare eggs from snake nests
  • Snake charming flutes are craftable in Carpentry
  • Can be used on snakes and serpents in general, and silver serpents can be milked for venom during paralysis


  • Allows gardeners, cooks, and alchemists to transform player grown plants and harvested berries into natural dyes
  • Players can create individual pigments from plants or berries
  • They can combine them with another pigment
  • They then combine them into a dye by adding a fixative
  • Tinkers now sell “clippers” which can be used to cut up plants
  • Color Fixative can be crafted by Cooking or Alchemy (75+ skill)
  • Staining dyes can be used on:
    • Armor (leather and metal)
    • Weapons
    • Clothing and all items normally dyable with a regular dye tub
    • Bags, chests, boxes, and crates
    • Spellbooks (including non-Magery), and Runebooks
    • Statuettes
    • Artifacts and magical items dyable with the Tokuno dyes
    • A few books
    • Jewelry

New Housing Tiles

  • Added three new housing wallsets
  • Added dozens of miscellaneous Gargish tiles


  • New music tracks created by GameSong, featuring Michael Huang and Michael “Piano Squall” Gluck
    • Docktown
    • Gargoyle Queen
    • Combat
    • Holy City
    • Underworld
    • Login
    • Northern Forest – Battle on Stones
    • Primeval Lich
    • Queen’s Palace
    • Royal City
    • Slasher of Veils
    • Stygian Abyss
    • Stygian Dragon
    • Void
    • Shrine of the Codex


  • Added two new stable slots for those with the SA Entitlement
  • Help/Stuck will send Britannians in the Abyss levels back to Britannia, Gargoyles back to Ter Mur. If the Britannians are in Ter Mur, they’ll be sent to the Royal City in Ter Mur
  • Great Dragons have been adjusted to reduce their damage output
  • Craftable books with 100 to 200 pages
  • Craftable blank scrolls


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