Publish 65

Deployment History

Note: This Publish was initially announced as "Publish 65" but was preambled with notes for a previously unannounced Publish

  • April 5, 2010 - Released to all remaining shards.
  • March 30, 2010 - Released to Origin shard.
  • March 25, 2010 - Released to Test Center shard.

Publish Notes:


  • Players will receive a warning gump when they step on the House Teleporter Tiles to prevent you from being teleported without your permission.

Publish 65 Notes

Happy April Fools - *Evil Grin* You didn’t think we forgot, did you?

Mysticism Revamp

  • Cleansing Winds
    • Changes
      • Cleansing Winds will now affect players in a small area around the target as well
      • Players or creatures may be the direct target of the Cleansing Winds spell, however, players in the area must be in the casters party in order to receive the beneficial effects of the spell.
      • Pets can be directly targeted, but will not receive the spell benefits as part of the area effect.
      • WARNING: This spell will flag the caster as a criminal if a criminal or murderer party member is close enough to the target to receive the benefits from the area of effect (be very careful of who you party with, especially in town)
      • This effect can hit up to 3 additional players beyond the primary target
      • The effectiveness of the spell is reduced by the number of targets affected
      • The total healing, cure chance, remove curse chance are based on the skill of the caster.
      • If a target is cured the healing they received will be reduced proportionately to the level of poison that was cured. If the cure fails, the target will not be healed.
  • Spell Plague
    • Changes
      • Spell Plague hits the target with an explosion of chaos energy.
      • The residual energy from the chaos explosion can continue to erupt when the target takes additional damage.
      • Each subsequent explosion does decreasing amounts of damage, until the residual energy has been dissipated in a maximum of 3 explosions or after a duration of 8 seconds. There is a minimum of 1 seconds between each residual explosion.
      • If a target is already affected with a spell plague, each additional spell plague will take effect after the previous one expires. (The initial chaos explosion takes effect immediately and can trigger the secondary explosions of spell plague)
  • Sleep/Mass Sleep
    • Changes
      • Sleep will no longer prevent targets from casting spells or attacking
      • Sleep will place the target in a state of stupor for a period determined by the caster’s skills and the target’s Resist Spells skill.
      • While in this state they will have their casting, casting recover, attack, and movement speed severely reduced.
      • If target receives damage during this period, the stupor effect will be broken
      • Immunity has been changed to the following scale, 3-12 second scaling by player Magic Resist skill. Player must have 30 or more resist to extent sleep immunity beyond 3 seconds.
  • Enchant
    • Changes
      • Base duration has increased
      • Duration of the enchanted effect will scale based on the level of the spell enchanted
  • Purge Magic
    • Changes
      • Players can only be purged once every 8 seconds
      • Players must have mysticism and focus/imbuing close to the level of the spell they are attempting to purge
      • New Effect
        • If there are no valid beneficial wards that can be purged, the target will have their mana requirements to increase based on the skill of the caster for a duration of 8 seconds. Upon ending the disruption, magic energy will rush into the target causing an explosion of chaos energy
        • The target can remove the disruption to their mana flow by doing damage to any other player or creature before the effect dispels itself. Additionally the damage taken by the target scales with how long the disruption has been in effect
        • The target will be immune to purge effects for an additional 16 seconds if they are affected by the mana disruption.
  • Healing Stone - This spell summons a healing stone into the caster’s backpack which is only usable by the caster and will heal the caster instantly upon use.
    • Changes:
      • The healing stone will have stored life energy or healing points which determine how many times the stone can be used before being destroyed. (The life energy is determined by the casters mysticism and focus/imbuing skills)
      • The maximum amount the stone can heal for in a single usage is determined by the caster’s mysticism and focus/imbuing skills)
      • The stone now has healing energy which determines how much of the maximum healing can be used at a time. This healing energy is completely consumed with each use and must take time to recharge before being able to heal for the maximum amount.
      • The cool down on healing usage for the stone is 2 seconds, and it takes 15 seconds to replenish the stone’s energy completely..
      • The healing stone can now be used to cure poison. The chance to cure is based on the user’s mysticism and focus/imbuing skills. The life energy cost to cure poison is based on the level of poison. Failing to cure poison only costs 1/3rd of the life energy as curing.
      • Curing will not affect the stone’s energy.
      • Summoning time for the Healing Stone has been increased significantly

Gargoyle Wearable Alterations and Crafting

  • Wing Armor was added to convert the back slot (currently only leather is available)
  • Gargish Leather Talons have been added for conversion from footwear. (other material types will be in the future)
  • Gargish half apron has been added to the gargoyle wearables
  • Gargish glasses has been added to the gargoyle wearables
  • Gargish sash has been added to the gargoyle wearables

Navrey Adjustments

  • Navrey’s respawn timer has been reduced to 10 minutes
  • Navrey’s drop rate has been increased

Gargoyle Racial Abilities Update

  • Berserk
    • Once a gargoyle has lost 20% of his/her health, he/she gains 15% damage bonus and 3% SDI. This increases damage another increment for each 20% additional damage (maximum 60% damage bonus and 12% SDI).
  • Deadly Aim
    • All Gargoyles are trained from childhood in the skill of Throwing, giving them a basic competence with missile weapons (minimum gargoyle skill in throwing is 200).
    • Gargoyles receive a 5% bonus to hit that stacks with HCI and skill bonus.
    • Gargoyle’s hit chance cap has been increased to 50%.
  • Mystic Insight
    • Gargoyles have an intuitive understanding of Mysticism, allowing them to cast Mysticism spells without further training. (minimum gargoyle skill in Mysticism is 300).
    • Gargoyles receive +2 Mana Regeneration which stacks with Meditation and Focus.

Titles Customization

  • New titles customization menu is now available through the “Open Titles Menu” choice in the context menu on your paperdoll
  • Titles may now be customized in the following locations
    • Paperdoll Name (prefix)
    • Paperdoll Name (Suffix)
    • Overhead Name (shown in your All Names and first line of your item properties tooltip)
    • Subtitle (shown in the second line of your item properties tooltip
  • Each title location will have different categories available, including
    • Monster (Champion Spawns)
    • Guild (Abbreviation & Custom Title)
    • Reward (Community Collections & Special Events)
    • Skills
    • Fame/Karma (Reputation)
  • Additional Changes
    • Skill Titles may now be used in your Overhead Name location (as a suffix, such as “the swordsman”) and required skill levels be above 90.0 to be available.
    • Skill and monster titles may now be used in your Subtitle Location
    • Several skills which have similar titles have been updated

Tents have returned to Gyspy Camps

  • Gypsy Camps now spawn with their tents.
  • The tents are now persistent and are no longer instantly deleted after creation
  • The spawn locations of the treasure chests, campfire and kettle, trash pile, and gypsies are now randomized
  • The template now spawns 4 to 6 gypsies instead of 4
  • The gypsies and their treasure chests now occasionally spawn with enhanced loot. (Reagents, Gems, Checks or new jewelry pieces)

Bug Fixes

  • Forced walk was removed from Stone Form and Reaper form
  • New Artifacts will be dropping on Renowneds – Jade War Axe, Cavalry’s Folly, or the Basilisk Hide Breastplate have been added
  • Added human artifacts to the following mobs in addition to the ones already on them, Abyssal, Medusa, Primeval Liche, Slasher, Stygian Dragon
  • Renowned Ratmen’s loot has been adjusted, plus an imbuing gem will drop.
  • Purple Potions will no longer teleport to the target location if the target has moved since the potion was thrown.
  • You are now able to engrave the Gargish Chest
  • Gems from the gem cart can now be used with Imbuing
  • When planting the sugar cane seed you will no longer see A bowl of soft dirt with a Vibrant Peculiar Seed when using poppy dust, you will see A bowl of soft dirt with a vibrant Peculiar Sugar Canes
  • Players will be able to reach their bodies when they die on the ferry from the Chyloth’s Bell in Doom
  • Fixed the Gardener’s Toolbox.
  • Player’s are able to combine Abyssal cloth through the menu, and can use combined cloth for Imbuing
  • Gargoyle Warrior template includes swords but they were entering the game with a fencing weapon, this was fixed and they will now enter with a dread sword .
  • Putrid Undead Gargoyles were given their own unique hue to identify them easier .
  • Cavern of the Discarded should no longer clog and stop working.
  • Fame and Karma can now be viewed throughis you the loyalty gump.
  • Purge Magic will no longer dispel Animal Forms .
  • Putrid Undead Gargoyles are spawning in the Holy City .
  • Stacked Pepta’s Satiety Cures will no longer remove a charge from every cure.
  • We have adjusted the SA clients ability to rapid throw purple potions by adding a cooldown timer.
  • You can now buy Skin Tingeing Tincture from the Alchemist in Ter Mur.
  • All major and minor artifacts are no longer imbueable.
  • Players can no longer make stone and plate wing armor or plate talons.
  • Woodworker bench no longer deducts 5 skill points when logging out and back into the game.
  • SA Artifacts are no longer imbueable.
  • All new Gargish equipment is now dyable.
  • Gargoyle items can be repaired with Repair Deeds.
  • Gargish glasses are meditatable now.
  • Added the ability to bless the appropriate Gargoyle items using clothing bless deeds.
  • Players with 50+ Inscription skill gets a 1% casting focus bonus for every 10 points over 50 inscription (5% at 100 inscription).

New Artifacts

Added Human Artifacts
Added Gargoyle Artifacts


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