Publish 66

Deployment History

  • May 26, 2010 - Released to all shards.
  • May 25, 2010 - Released to Origin shard.
  • May 19, 2010 - Released to Test Center shard.

Publish Notes:

We hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday - for those on Origin we will be updating the shard to Publish 66 today at 4:30PM EDT. We anticipate the shard to be back online by 6:30PM EDT. You can find the patch notes for Publish 66 below, thank you!

-- James Nichols

Weapon Conversions from Human to Gargoyle Added:

  • Gargish Lance
  • Gargish Axe
  • Gargish Bardiche
  • Gargish Bone Harvester
  • Gargish Butcher Knife
  • Gargish Cleaver
  • Gargish Daisho
  • Gargish Katana
  • Gargish Kryss
  • Gargish Maul
  • Gargish Pike
  • Gargish Scythe
  • Gargish Gnarled Staff
  • Gargish Tekagi
  • Gargish Tessen
  • Gargish Wark Fork
  • Gargish War Hammer
  • Gargish Battle Axe

Bard Mastery System

NPC’s can be found in the Music Conservatory in Fel and Tram

  • Bard players will be able to select one of three areas of bard mastery, each pertaining to one of the main barding skills. The mastery abilities will be based on the players skill in the associated area, but will NOT affect the current way the skill is used nor how the players interact with that skill.

Choosing / Obtaining a mastery:

  • Players will perform a quest obtainable from the quest givers in the Music Conservatory.
  • Players will be rewarded upon quest completion with a Spellbook containing the mastery abilities.

Mastery ability initiation.

  • Once players have chosen a mastery, the abilities are freely usable at any time and only have as requirements the skill and mana costs.

Mastery abilities:

  • Party must remain within range of the Bard to remain under the spellsong effects.
  • Bards may be interrupted when they receive damage while using their abilities.
  • A bard may only have one ability in effect at a time.
  • Abilities do not stack with themselves.
  • All abilities require upkeep dependent on how many are being affected by the ability.
  • Abilities will not check for Criminal flagging, so beware of your Party members.

Provocation: Title Exhilirator

(These will be considered beneficial actions)

  • Inspire: Party Hit chance increase by up to 15%, Damage increase by up to 40%, SDI increased by up to 15% (PvP Cap 15)(Provocation Based)
  • Invigorate: Party Hit Points increased by up to 20, Party healed for 7-16 dmg every 4 seconds. (Provocation Based) . Party Strength, Dex, Int ,Increased by Up to 8.

Peacemaking: Title Galvanizer

(These will be considered beneficial actions)

  • Resilience: Poison resistance increase(not the stat), Mortal, Bleed, Curse effect Durations decreased, Hp regen bonus 2-8, mana regen bonus 2-8, stamina regen bonus 2-8.
  • Preservance: Party Defense Chance increased by up to 16%, Damage reduced by up to 16%. Casting focus bonus 1-4%

Discordance: Title Desponder

(These will be considered aggressive/negative actions)

  • Tribulation: Target Hit Chance reduced by up to 32%, Spell Damaged reduced by 32% , Damage Taken can trigger additional damage between 20-60% of the damage taken as physical once per second. (Discordance Based) (Chance to Trigger damage Musicianship Based)
  • Despair: Target Strength Reduced by up to 32, 20 – 60 Damage (Physical), every 2 seconds.

Player Memorials

  • There are two ways to set up a player memorial, players can engrave 6 styles of headstones found at the prime evil liche encounter. These headstones can be engraved with the Statuette Engraving tool and locked down in your houses for a private memorial, or you can ask your EM to place a more public type memorial for your guild or shard to remember our friends that have passed away.

Advanced Character Templates

  • We have increased and updated our Advanced Character Templates, below are the ones that have been added

Mystic Artificer

  • 85 Mysticism
  • 85 Imbuing
  • 85 Resist Spells
  • 70 Meditation
  • 70 Inscription
  • 80 Strength
  • 35 Dexterity
  • 110 Intelligence

Driven Mystic

  • 85 Mysticism
  • 85 Focus
  • 85 Resist Spells
  • 70 Meditation
  • 70 Inscription
  • 80 Strength
  • 35 Dexterity
  • 110 Intelligence

Blade Weaver

  • 85 Throwing
  • 85 Tactics
  • 85 Anatomy
  • 70 Healing
  • 70 Resist Spells
  • 110 Strength
  • 80 Dexterity
  • 25 Intelligence


  • 85 Imbuing
  • 85 Item Id
  • 85 Tinkering
  • 70 Mining
  • 70 Magery
  • 90 Strength
  • 50 Dexterity
  • 85 Intelligence


  • 85 Carpentry
  • 85 Fletching
  • 85 Lumberjack
  • 70 Tinkering
  • 70 Magery
  • 90 Strength
  • 85 Dexterity
  • 50 Intelligence


  • 85 Cooking
  • 85 Fishing
  • 85 Alchemy
  • 70 Magery
  • 70 Tinkering
  • 90 Strength
  • 85 Dexterity
  • 50 Intelligence

New Craftables

  • Deer Masks
  • Orc Masks
  • Tribal Masks
  • Bear Masks
  • Orc Helm

Dawns Music Box

  • Added a gump to allow players to arrange their songs in their music boxes
  • The drop rate of these gears
  • We have added new SA Music

Throwing Changes

  • Close Quarters Combat: A player’s dexterity and throwing skill equal to Grandmaster or higher can compensate for the hit chance penalty. Close quarters combat with a throwing weapon will no longer require you to have the swordsmanship skill to negate hit chance penalty.
  • Shield Penalties: Player’s with no skill points in the Parry Skill will now have a minimum chance to hit.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the delay in the runebook, you no longer have to wait for them to recharge
  • Necromancy Spellbooks can now be inscribed with Spirit Speak instead of Evaluate Intelligence. (The current books will be left as is)
  • The crafted Mysticism spellbooks offer Eval Int as a possible +skill instead of + Focus.
  • The Blacksmith/Tailor/etc shops in Ter Mur will now count as craft shops for the use of Repair Deeds
  • There is now an SA Entitlement check for the gargish Vet Rewards.
  • A large number of animated items with animations should no longer flicker at a constant rate
  • Renowned mobs should no longer spawn in Ilshenar
  • If the help stuck feature is used in any Champion Spawn dungeon region any cursed items NOT equipped will fall to the player’s feet.
  • Some issues with housing customization arch tiles have been changed to passable. There were 4 Archway tiles that you could not pass thru when placed in your house.
  • The Maple Tree will display its name when highlighted now.
  • Water pitchers can no longer be over filled

Update to Damage Eater properties:

  • Now have a capacity to store up to 20 healing charges before they stop converting damage.
  • The all type damage eater does not stack with specific eaters. If you have Damage Eater 10% and Fire Eater 20%, and take 20 fire damage, your eater will restore 4 health.(the higher amount).


  • Spell Plague - The first explosion now does the least amount of damage. The last explosion does the highest damage. (The damage has also been adjusted)
  • Sleep- Now correctly takes resist spells into account for the duration of the sleep effect.

Community Collections improvements:

  • Community Collections now accept commodity deeds
  • Community Collections interface now shows quantities of donatables being carried by the player
  • Community Collections now allows donation by targeting a container
  • Select the new “Donate a Container” option on the Community

Collection interface

  • Target a container that is in the top level of the character's backpack
  • New interface displays donatable contents of the container and asks for confirmation
  • On confirmation, entire contents of the container are donated at once

Commodity Deed Improvements

  • Commodity Deeds now work on most stackables, with some exceptions:
  • Ore
  • Faction Items
  • Certain types of legacy items
  • Commodity Deeds now show their contents in the item name (e.g. Commodity Deed Worth 1000 Greater Heal Potion)


Update 1

Bug Fixes - 5/21/10

  • Players are now able to chop up water barrels and tubs when they are not in a house
  • Water pitchers will now have 40 charges instead of 5 – If you fill the the pitchers from a water barrel it will only give you 5 charges so make sure you use a water trough.
  • Fixed an issue with corpses disappearing when using the new bard abilities
  • Paladin abilities can now interrupt Bard abilities

Update 2

Server Changes - 5/26/10

  • Runebooks should now work correctly
  • Players will be able to drop items in pack animals correctly again.
  • Swamp Dragons will no longer block meditation

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