Raw Fish Steak

Raw fish steak.png

A Raw Fish Steak is a Food item commonly used to produce a cooked Fish Steak or Fish Pies by characters with the Cooking skill and a heat source. They are easily obtained by using a blade on a fish, yielding four raw fish steaks, but can also be bought from NPC vendors in towns, usually a fishmonger.

Raw fish steaks, or at least the fish that they come from, can often be obtained in great quantity for free or cheap from Fishers due to the great bounty of the Sosarian oceans. Many players simply dump fish on the ground at dockside they are so plentiful.

Raw fish steaks weigh one stone by themself but 1/10th of a stone when stacked.

Cooking fish steaks, one at a time, is a cheap and effective way to increase Cooking skill.