Ringmail Armor

Ringmail Armor.png

The simplist form of metallic protection created by smiths, Ringmail Armor is crude and very heavy. It is a seldom used form of armor, but nevertheless it provides a similar level of resistance to any other form of equipment.

Base Properties

All types of armor in a given set come with the same basic resists. For example, a platemail gorget provides exactly the same level of protection as a platemail tunic. Armor that is exceptionally crafted will receive a bonus that is further boosted by your character's Arms Lore skill, while Runic Tools, Imbuing or Runic Re-Forging can be used to send the total resistance level far higher than reachable by crafting, and also to add additional Item Properties.

Some forms of armor are "medable", meaning they do not affect your use of the meditation skill when worn. Elven armor can only be worn elves.

Physical resist icon.png Fire resist icon.png Cold resist icon.png Poison resist icon.png Energy resist icon.png Total Medable Elven
3 3 1 5 3 15 Cross.png Cross.png

Individual Properties

Ringmail is crafted by blacksmiths, and can be recycled using a Salvage Bag or smith tool. To perform either action your character must be standing near an anvil and forge. Smelting provides a better return if you have a high level of mining.

Parts retain the color of the material from which they are made. Crafted (and not yet imbued) versions can have their durability increased, via Powder of Fortifying, to a maximum of 255 and can be dyed with Pigments of Tokuno. If crafted exceptionally by a GM+ crafter they can hold their maker's mark.

Type Equipment Slot Blacksmithy
Stones Female
Ringmail Gloves.png Ringmail Gloves Hands Slot 12.0 10 40 2 Cross.png
Ringmail Leggings.png Ringmail Leggings Legs Slot 19.4 16 40 15 Cross.png
Ringmail Sleeves.png Ringmail Sleeves Arms Slot 16.9 14 40 15 Cross.png
Ringmail Tunic.png Ringmail Tunic Chest Slot 21.9 18 40 15 Cross.png

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