During November 2007 the city of Magincia was invaded by daemons. The city was destroyed or damaged on many Shards. Left behind was pieces of rubble which could be picked up by players.

Creating Rubble

In the later part of the invasion, Light Daemons began powering up and releasing giant explosions. It extended out about 8 tiles in all directions and destroy encompassing items. Three different outcomes could occur for an item caught inside the blast radius:

  • The item would move to a new location but remain unmovable
  • The item would move to a new location and become rubble, thus being picked up
  • The item would disappear completely

After an item either disappears or becomes rubble, it has the chance to spawn again. If a lot of items become rubble at once they will all have a chance to spawn. If only one or two items turn to rubble, many more copies will spawn.

Types of Rubble


The most common type of rubble that could be found. In the later stages a lot of players didn't even bother to pick up the 'Dirt' type. Some Debris pieces are slightly less common than others, for example the small 'Switch'.



Among the most common type of rubble to found are plants, which come in two main varieties. The 'normal' green plants and 'scorched' grey plants. Prices (Europa Shard) vary greatly from 1k to 99k, but average among most vendors seems to be around 10k.


Small Palms Green.jpg A small example of 'normal' healthy plants.


Ferns Grey.jpg A small example of 'scorched' plants, which come in various shades of grey.

Building Remains

Remnants from destroyed buildings. The 'Stone Ruins' pieces are very common, like plants. The solid 'Wall Sections' are slightly less common.

Stone Ruins

Stone Rubble Sandstone.jpg A small collection of Stone Ruins pieces.

Wall Sections

Wall Sections Sandstone.jpg An example of Sandstone Wall Sections, which come in both plain and patterned varieties.

Landscape Pieces






A pair of long pants was taken on Trammel side of the Atlantic Shard that weighed in at 92 stones.


Tall Bench

Bench east left.png Bench east right.png Bench south left.png Bench south right.png

Tall back benches could be found in several different buildings. There were 9 east facing and 5 south facing. Thus, south facing benches should fetch a little higher price. Estimated value is 4-6 million per set.

Display Cases

Full Cases

Display case east.png Display case south.png

Was found in The Family Jewels jewelry shop. Five of each facing existed per facet. Estimated value is between 5-20 million gold.

Three Piece Set

South display case left.png South display case center.png South display case right.png

Was located in the Fisherman's Guild and Supplies building. Only one set per facet. Estimated value is between 10-20 million gold for a complete set.

Nine Piece Set

Display case center.png Display case north side.png Display case south side.png Display case west side.png Display case east side.png Display case corner northeast.png Display case corner northwest.png Display case corner southeast.png Display case corner southwest.png

Two setups could be found, one in Stichin' Time tailor shop and one in Magincia's Magicka mage shop. In total, 6 center pieces, 6 south side, 6 north side, 5 east side, 5 west side, and 2 of each corner existed per facet. It is difficult to determine piece value at this time.

Building Attachments

Sign Hangers

Plain sign hanger east.png Plain sign hanger south.png Plain sign hanger large east.png Wooden sign hanger.png

Four different types of sign hangers could turn to rubble. From left to right: 5 east metal small curl, 3 south metal small curl, 1 east metal large curl, and 1 south wooden sign hangers existed. Estimated worth is between 1-5 million.

Wall Sconce

Wall sconce south.png Wall sconce east.png

Several of these could be found on the second floor of the Magincia's Magicka shop. There were 3 south facing and 2 east facing. Estimated worth is between 1 and 3 million.

Unique Items

These items only had one existing per facet.

Covered Barrel

Closed barrel.png

Was used as part of the door barricade inside of the Merchants' Guild building. Only one existed. Estimated value 250,000 to 1 million gold.

Open Book

Open book east.png

[need information where it was and whether it was shard unique]



One was used by villagers to create a barricade. Estimated value is 2-5 million gold.

Table with Purple Runner

Purple table.png

Was located inside the Merchants' Guild building. Estimated worth is 5-10 million gold.


East tapestry left.png East tapestry right.png South tapestry left.png South tapestry right.png

The two facings of this tapestry could be found in The Stag and Lion inn. Each one is made up of 2 pieces. Estimated value is 10-30 million gold per set.



Was used as part of a large barricade. Only one existed. Value estimated a 5 to 10 million.