Slice of Bacon

Slice of bacon.png Slice of Bacon is a Food item that can be bought from NPC vendors in towns, usually in a butcher's shop. It can be consumed by a characters since it is cooked.

Valentines 2007

Slice of Bacon (Blessed)

On February 13, 2007 each character older than 30 days received a Valentines gift pack on login. One item was the Slice of Bacon. It is just normal bacon that is Blessed and can be eaten. It might seem like a strange Valentine gift and UO developer Wilki explains why it was given in a Five on Friday:

"Ok, the truth about Valentine’s Day Bacon! You’ve probably heard all kinds of rumors about why bacon was included in the Valentine’s Day gift basket. Was it because the ancient Romans used to whack each other with strips of meat to show their "love" for each other? Or perhaps a developer is a big fan of the actor Kevin Bacon? Or, could it be based on some obscure cartoon series? Were the devs just being naughty?
Not quite...
What actually happened is a lot less meaningful than any of the rumors. Inside UO, we use two separate number systems for creating items, depending on the type of item we want to make. When I was busy writing the script for Valentine’s Day, I forgot to change which number system I was using, and guess what? The number for a "slice of bacon" in one system just happens to be the same as the number for "a rose in a vase" in the other system.
So, when I loaded up my script on a test center, instead of finding a rose in a vase, I ended up with a slice of bacon in my basket. Mmmm, bacon! I laughed out loud because it was just so... random! Bacon on Valentine’s Day?!!
When I told some of the other devs what I had done, the jokes started flying around. We decided we just had to leave it in, and thus a Britannian tradition was born!"

The bacon came with 10 Valentine Cards, a Rose in a Vase, and a Red Velvet Box.

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