Small Plate Shield

Small plate shield.gif
Small Plate Shield
Weight: 6 Stones
Gargoyles Only
Cold Resist 1%
Strength Requirement 20
Durability: ? (min) - ? (max)

The Small Plate Shield is a Shield for Parrying practitioners.

They are crafted by blacksmiths, and can be recycled using a Salvage Bag or smith tool. To perform either action your character must be standing near an anvil and forge. Smelting provides a better return if you have a high level of mining.

Items retain the color of the material from which they are made. Crafted versions can have their durability increased, via Powder of Fortifying, to a maximum of 255 and can be dyed with Pigments of Tokuno. If crafted exceptionally by a GM+ crafter they can hold their maker's mark.


Skill required:
0.0 Blacksmithy