Soulstone Fragment

A fragment

A Soulstone Fragment is a piece of a shattered Soulstone that contains only a portion of the energy of a full one. These fragments can only be used to transfer skills between your characters. Soulstone fragments come in 9 different collectable varieties (i.e., different colors). Once all charges have been expended, they are only useful as decorative items.

Unlike the full soulstones, fragments do not glow when a skill is stored in them.


There are two types of Soulstone Fragments:

  • The original Soulstone Fragments were obtained by entering the promotional code that came inside the CD sleeve of copies of the Ultima Online: Samurai Empire expansion. This bonus item, which had five, unrenewable charges, was only available from retail Samurai Empire upgrade boxes and Direct2Drive New Account digital purchases after the original promotion period for the original Green Soulstone had ended. While no longer obtainable, existing tokens will still yield a usable soulstone fragment.
  • Single-use Soulstone Fragments can be crafted by players with at GM Alchemy skill, knowledge of glassblowing and the Stygian Abyss expansion. The required ingredients are 2 Void Essence and 2 Crystal Granules. This single-use fragment is freely tradeable among players until a skill is stored in it, at which point only the original account can reclaim the skill among characters under that account.


In addition to the sources covered above, soulstone fragments were given as a gift to each player as part of Holiday 2005 and, accidentally with Holiday 2006.

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